Red Alert: Temporary Product Deactivations

Red Alert: Temporary Product Deactivations

Safety first! The current pandemic urges us to impose stricter health and safety measures at our production facilities to protect our staff.

2020 is a special year and requires special measures. Maintaining a safety distance between employees is important for the health of our stuff, but will impact our production capacity.

Curbs on USA Production

We want to make sure that high-in-demand products can still be printed. This is why we’re temporarily deactivating some products that either involve more elaborate production efforts or are affected by a supply-chain bottleneck. In the month of December (starting November 30th through to December 31st), Spreadshops with .com, .ca and domains will see the following products labeled “out of stock”:

ID Producttype
125 Buttons large 2.2” (5-pack)
1388 Unisex Shawl Collar Hoodie
1260 Women’s Curvy T-Shirt
1094 Baby Bib
127 Buttons small 1” (5-pack)
378 Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote
1427 Women’s T-Shirt Dress
636 Duffel Bag
1368 Baby Cap
992 Women’s Maternity T-Shirt
1441 Canvas Backpack
1157 Computer Backpack
1442 Carry All Pouch
1430 Fanny Pack
1445 Lunch Bag
1462 Bucket Hat
1443 Waist Apron

Please note: Keep checking this space for updates of the list. Other products may be affected by the bottleneck whereas those currently on the list may become available again.

Curbs on European Production

You can find all products affected by the temporary production bottleneck in Europe in this downloadable list which will be updated every week on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays until the 23rd of December:

Please note that from December 3rd onwards production time as increased to six days for the following products: all mugs, bottles, coasters, phone cases, mousepads, face masks (internal models) and the lunch box.

Please keep checking this space for daily updates.

What do you need to do?

If any of the products listed above are part of your Spreadshop portfolio, please make sure to avoid using them for your promotional purposes and visual marketing material.

And thank you for understanding that these difficult times require rigorous measures! Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below or in our forum.

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