10 Tips for Selling Merch on YouTube

10 Tips for Selling Merch on YouTube

You’ve mastered the art of content creation and merch is next! Consider this your to-do list for a successful Spreadshop.

  1. Use merch shelf

If you’re eligible, YouTube merch shelf is a great tool that showcases your merch directly under your videos. It automatically creates a “Store” tab on your channel where you can add up to 12 products. Tip: Merch with a logo or signature phrase adds a little something special to your channel. Ready to get started? Check it out now!

  1. Link to your Spreadshop

Make sure your viewers can find your Shop and buy merch—link to it in each video’s details, your channel header and the “About” section. This is especially important because merch shelf is not available in certain countries. So, some viewers won’t see the products below a video or in the store tab. An adblocker browser extension can also block your merch shelf for viewers.

  1. Wear your merch in your videos

Show your viewers that you’re confident about what you’re selling and what your products look like on a human body by wearing it in your videos! If you don’t actively promote your merch, wearing it is a good way to signal to the YouTube world that it exists. You can buy your own merch at the base price!

  1. Tailor merch to your subscribers

You know your audience best, so create merch designs wit

h them in mind. They’re the ones who will be buying it after all. For newbies, text designs are very popular. Especially when they’re about an inside joke or catchphrase unique to your channel. You can also collaborate with a designer or artist to create designs for you, check out Fiverr, 99designs, or Spreadshop’s Premium Design Service.

  1. Strategically promote your merch

Announce promotions and new designs on your social accounts, the YouTube Community tab or in your comments section. Pin a comment about current promotions in your current videos and remove it once it’s no longer happening. People love a promo, but they need to know it’s happening. Start creating and planning your promos now!

  1. Create click and shop moments

Promote your Spreadshop as a card on the end screen of each video. Link to it there so your viewers can directly click on it and check out your merch!

  1. Get creative for your Shop launch

Tap into your creative energy and find an engaging way to announce the launch of your Shop or your latest merch drop. Keep the voice and tone genuine so your subscribers can get excited about it without it feeling like an advertisement. Here’s a job well done.

  1. Curate your products

You can curate your product range by choosing from 130+ products to fit the wants and needs of your subscribers. Have a fashion following? Try adding the bucket hat or crop top. Part of the sustainability crowd? Check out our eco-conscious range. Make sure to have a nice mix of classic merch products like T-shirts, hoodies and mugs. Our default assortment also makes it easy and recommends must-have products for your Shop. Bonus: Our product range is different and specialized for North America/Oceania and Europe.

  1. Include your subscribers

Hype up your merch by getting your audience involved. Create polls in the YouTube Community tab or on your socials. Collaborate on a design with your subscribers during a live stream or host a design competition and pick a winner!

  1. Make it known

Actively promoting your Shop is proven to boost your sales. Be sure to spread the word about your merch on your other social channels. Although, we think Instagram works particularly well.

We hope these tips help you hit the ground running with the launch of your merch! If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Let us know in the comments below, on our YouTube channel or in the forum.

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