New: Glossy Transparent Stickers

New: Glossy Transparent Stickers

Do you sell stickers in your Shop? Our latest (and glossiest) product is now available on all platforms. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started.

What makes glossy transparent stickers different?

Unlike white matte stickers or glossy white stickers, the glossy transparent stickers are completely see-through. The biggest difference has to do with the color scheme of your designs. White designs are not accepted for white stickers, because they are not visible against the white background.

However, for glossy transparent stickers you can use any color you wish. Even light-colored designs! So, whether you’re into minimalist line designs or something more colorful, we’ve finally got a sticker for every Shop!

How do I add them to my Shop?

If you’ve already added stickers to your Shop, this new sticker type will automatically appear to your customers as a “color” choice. If you haven’t added this product – do it now!

Remember, the Product Wizard is around to help you with all of your magical sticker needs. You can add designs to stickers with the Product Wizard by going to Designs > Advanced > Product Wizard, then scroll to the bottom and select ‘stickers.’

Any questions about stickers? Let us know in the forum or comments below!

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