April—May 2021 Promotions

April—May 2021 Promotions

Do you want to attract new customers and increase your sales? Then you’ve come to the right place. When you run a promotion, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the world knows it’s happening. Get started by creating mockups for Instagram stories and posts. You can do this via Placeit, simply sign up using this link and get an exclusive 20% discount on paid designs. Check out their free designs too while you’re at it!

Upcoming promos for North America, Oceania & Europe

  • April 14th-18th: 15% off everything
  • April 29th-May 3rd: 15% off everything
  • May 13th-May 16th: 20% off everything
  • May 25th-28th: 20% off everything

Remember, there’s a window of up to 60 days when you can choose to run a promotion. Set your dates for 30 days before or after the official promotion date. To adjust the start date of your promos, click on the promo calendar (Shop settings > Prices & promos > Promo campaigns).

Enjoy the sunshine, and as always let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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9 days ago

Is there a way to offer discount codes of our own making (that come out of our own commission, of course) so we can offer promotions in the time frames that you’re not offering promotions? Say I want to offer 14% of on May the 4th (Star Wars fans will get this). Currently, I believe I cannot do this but I could be wrong. I also want to offer my Channel members a discount of 5-15% (again coming out of my commission) to be used once a month. Is this possible or can we make it possible? Thanks! ✌💜😊

7 days ago
Reply to  Tish

Not currently, no.

4 days ago
Reply to  Tish

You could do it by temporarily lowering your commission settings for the shop, then put them back up after the campaign ends.

William La Cava
17 days ago

search texasblade for rollerblade clothes from original work.

Maaz Ullah
18 days ago

I want to sell my t 👚,mugs,long sleeve shirt,caps.etc etc

Rae Pica
19 days ago

Appreciate the advance notice on sales!

Lee Giles
Lee Giles
20 days ago

Do we get the same royalty? It’s just you all lowering your take. Is that right?

20 days ago

I’m excited and having spring collection at my shop brings joy too

Paulo Cavalcanti
20 days ago

Do my shops include the promotion discounts automatically or do I need do aply for it?

20 days ago


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