Your New Shop Domain is Live

Your New Shop Domain is Live

From now on, your Shop will be accessible on the new Shop domain. This will help you sell your products faster and easier moving forward.

If you sell your Shop products on external platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Google, your new Shop domain is about to simplify that process. If you haven’t started selling on these platforms, then this is your sign to start! Thanks to your new domain, it’s never been easier to verify your Shop for your social media platforms, sell your products to your target groups, or advertise your Product Feed.

Forget the old domain

You should only use your new Shop domain from now on – no matter where you’re sharing it.

This applies especially to your social networks, your own website or your Shop’s newsletters. To find out more about why your Shop has moved to a new domain, check out this blog post.

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Kris Tibbitts
1 year ago

Yeah. That’s cool. But why can’t I use my own address? That stinks. It would also be nice to be able to remove the spreadshirt branding, even if I have to pay extra.

Yawar abbas
Yawar abbas
1 year ago

Hi how can i upload image and bank account detail

1 year ago

Hi I made this

Muhammed wahid Saeed
Muhammed wahid Saeed
1 year ago


Muhammad almas Khan
1 year ago

Am the seller on spreadsheet and I have best item to sale here 

Qayum Shah
1 year ago

Dear Sir if some one has not paypal account,how he can provide Pakistani local bank details

1 year ago
Reply to  Qayum Shah

You can use payoneer or wise

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