Your Holiday Calendar for 2021

Your Holiday Calendar for 2021

Don’t worry, Santa – there’s still time to deck the halls of your Spreadshop for the Holidays! We have compiled all the info, ideas and templates you’ll need to keep your customers holly and jolly this season.

Wondering how to go about preparing your Shop for the most wonderful time of the year? No problem! We’ll get you and your Spreadshop ready in just 5 helpful blogposts. This article is about your overall strategy and timing. Ho-ho-let’s go!

November Promotions

You should have the following 4 shopping days on your radar and, ideally, also plug them on your social media channels. Need some content for this? You can find templates and ideas in our content blog post.

What is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day, as you can probably guess, is a day to celebrate everyone who is not in a relationship. That’s what the 1s stand for in the date, 11.11. Originally from China, Singles’ Day is about singing karaoke in order to meet new people. Singles’ Day, with its numerous online promotions, is one of the top-selling days in the world. You’d best get in on it.

What is Fake Friday?

Guess what? A week before the actual Black Friday, retailers are already handing out discounts left, right and center. Wholesalers and retailers use Fake Friday as an excuse to dish out extra promotions and thus lure shoppers to buy both online and offline. Expect more traffic online on this day and use it to your advantage.

What is Black Friday?

The infamous shopping day has its origin in the United States. In the 60s in Philadelphia, the police called the Friday after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” because shoppers overwhelmed the city, malls, streets, buses and trains. It was so crowded with shoppers that you could hardly move. “Black Friday” was born, and is now the time of year when most businesses offer the steepest discounts.

What is Cyber Monday?

The Monday after “Black Friday,” tech stores and e-commerce businesses began Cyber Monday, offering discounts on their devices and services.  It’s often expanded to include the weekend – named “Cyber Weekend” accordingly.

November Spreadshop discounts

So Santa, ready to start rewarding all your customers on the nice-list? Spreadshop has set up discount promotions for you:

Ready to rock around the tree? Are you a newbie? Start your Shop today!

This way, Santa!

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