You’re Already a Brand, You Just Don’t Know it Yet


You already have all the tools needed to build a brand, you just don’t know it yet. Celebrities and corporations aren’t the only ones capable of branding. Creators, artists and more are in a position to brand themselves.

Spreadshop is here to help bridge the gap between creator and consumer. Merch helps deepen that relationship and is essential in building a brand. But you may think: “What can I make for my merch?” You have an online presence that’s worth something, whether you have 100 or 100,000 followers. Discover what makes you unique and sets you apart from other creators. Your followers should be involved in the process. 

Find your logo/brand imagery, identify what you want to say that’s going to make an impact. Building a brand isn’t as daunting once you start to break it down. So, let’s get into it!

Ask Your Community

Ask Your Community

If you can’t come up with ideas on your own, you’ve got to go directly to the source. Your followers know you better than you know yourself. You may think the way you talk in videos or your interests aren’t anything special. But your followers would beg to differ.

Use phrases you repeat in your videos for merch inspiration. Have a graphic designer do a cartoon rendering of your likeness. Find a logo that easily encapsulates the values of your brand. Your quirks are what set you apart; anyone with a Spreadshop can attest to that. TikToker and Spreadshop Brand Ambassador Clueless Bushcraft has carved out his own path. His infectious personality and niche content stand out from everything else on the platform.

He took a phrase from his eating videos – “that’s so good!” – and ran with it. You’ll read it in his voice after getting into his content. Clueless Bushcraft’s merch further strengthens the connection he has with his audience. He knows what they respond to based on views and engagement.

Collab With Fellow Creators

Collab With Fellow Creators

If you don’t have to do it alone, then why should you? Collaborating with fellow creators is a great way to grow your following. You can expose your channel to an entirely new audience. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get some advice and insight.

Creators have a unique workflow and lifestyle that only other creators will understand.  If you’re collaborating with a creator, it’s likely that they have a similar niche. Ask them how they came up with a logo and brand signifiers that strengthened their internet presence. If they have a merch line, how did they decide on designs, colors and even products?

They have their own opinions of what did and didn’t work for them. You can keep that in mind when setting up your shop. But there’s asking your community and there’s building a community. Merch can do that when it’s timed right.

Create Timely Designs

Create Timely Designs

You want your merch to have a consistent vibe and feel true to who you are. But it doesn’t hurt to mix it up every now and then. Adding timely designs into your show will refresh your brand when things start to get too comfortable. And the Holidays are the optimal time to make those changes.

Put a festive spin on old designs or create limited edition originals. You also want to include products that speak to the season. We broke down the best merch for the Holidays to help you out. Altering your merch line and being willing to embrace change proves you have total control of your brand. You’re not afraid to offer your customers different just because you have a solid relationship with them.

Everything still needs to feel authentic, though. It’s not a popularity contest. You shouldn’t do something unless it reflects your values and what you want to say with your brand.

What Do You Want to Say?

What Do You Want to Say?

Strategizing to build up your brand is all well and good, but what do YOU want to say with your merch? It’s important to ask your followers and get feedback, of course. But at the end of the day, you’re the one that has to feel good about the decisions you make.

Think about what inspired you to start your channel or begin creating in the first place. That spark should fuel to make merch. Put together a mood board for inspiration to help clarify the best parts of you and what you want your merch to be. Spreadshop lets shop users own their narrative. Tell your story in the “About Me” section of your site and provide links to your socials so you can stay connected with your supporters.

You already have all the tools needed to build your brand. So, what’s stopping you? Take the first step by launching your Spreadshop. We can’t wait to see where you go from here!

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Main aapke website per designing ka kaam karne ke liye ye Sahi naap Kiya hai

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