Charity Merchandise: 5 Spreadshops for Peace

Charity Merchandise: 5 Spreadshops for Peace

Want to make a statement against the war in Ukraine? You can show your solidarity by supporting these 5 Spreadshops, and get some ideas for how you can use your Shop to take a stand.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, 3 million people have been forced to flee west. Approximately 2 million refugees have been taken in by neighboring Poland alone.

The invasion has triggered anger and dismay around the world, and many people wonder what they can do to show their solidarity. Attending peace protests, taking in refugees, or helping with donations are some of the things you can do. These 5 shops show you how to use your reach to send a signal against Putin’s war and call for a return to peace in Europe and the world. The proceeds from these pro-peace designs are being donated to various aid organizations.

Prinzenart: Art for peace

Prinzenart is an art project of two creative German sisters who love the sea. In their Shop, you can find beautiful watercolor drawings inspired by wind and waves. One of their favorite themes are seagulls. Whether it’s yoga gulls or other seagull characters – the water birds of Prinzenart are simply to fall in love with.

The design “Peacemöwe” is the German’s marine answer to the peace dove. The seagull with an olive branch in its beak flies in front of a peace sign, with “Peace!” written below it.

Prinzenart share the design under the hashtag #makeartnotwar. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Ukraine aid of Aktion Deutschland hilft, as well as children charities Kleiner Prinz e.V. and Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V.. As of March 20, €750 have already been collected.

Prinzenart gives their customers a big selection to choose from with their Peace Edition, a Light Edition (white shirts, stickers and co.) and a Dark Edition (with navy and black articles).

Check out the website, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook to find out how the sisters of Prinzenart promote their Peacemaker. Get inspired!

Getsocial: An advertising agency with Spreadshop

Getsocial is a Swedish advertising agency. Their work life usually consists of creating digital advertising strategies for solar-roof providers, content for lemonade companies or advertising films. The creatives have now put their heads together to launch a Spreadshop benefiting the Ukrainian cause.

With the help of our Spreadshop system, We Need Peace was created: a Shop with two peace designs, the profits of which go to the Swedish Red Cross’ Ukraine Aid. The designs are based on the dove with an olive branch­­ – a recognized symbol of peace – and the national colors of Ukraine: blue and yellow.

Having the graphic design resources of an advertising agency helped Getsocial create two particularly beautiful designs. As social media specialists, Getsocial are also a particularly great example of how you can promote your designs and call for donations in a simple way. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram or their website.

Polkaholix: A Band with an Anti-War Message

Polkaholix from Berlin are – what else – a polka band. In their Spreadshop, fans can find fun merch tees, hoodies, and more. But the band also uses their reach to donate to Action Alliance Disaster Relief (consisting of Caritas, Unicef, DRK and Diakonie). Their T-shirt design, “MAKE POLKA NOT WAR.” is featured in white lettering on all-dark clothing.

Their Facebook post with the appeal for donations and the T-shirt got over 60 likes. The band also set a sign of solidarity with Ukraine by coloring the lettering on their Facebook cover picture blue and yellow.

Visit the website of the Polkaholix.

DFG-VK: Germany’s oldest peace organization

The DFG-VK (German peace society: United Opponents of War) is Germany’s oldest peace organization and campaigns against war and the military, promoting non-violent conflict resolution.

Recent designs against the war in Ukraine include the design NO TO WAR! or a design with peace doves.

The NO TO WAR design shows the slogan in German, Russian, Ukrainian, and English, showing that people everywhere oppose the war. Profits from the designs go to the organization’s peace work. You can also take a closer look at their work on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Social Link DFG-VK

Mom writes a list: Children paint for peace

On Instagram, micro-influencer Julia has found success with her alias mamaschreibt_neliste. She’s shared humorous reels and tips from a mom’s everyday life, and she’s using her reach to call on children to submit drawings against war. The designs are then uploaded to her Spreadshop. In doing so, the little ones are making a very big statement.

“We donate 100% of the proceeds to a reception center here in Berlin. And the best thing about it is that our opinions count on shirts. Say no to war!”

Free designs for your Shop

We at Spreadshop have created a few free designs for you to download. You can sell them through your own Shop and donate the profits to an organization of your choice.

Did the work or designs of one of these Spreadshops appeal to you? Then get inspired and add protest designs to your own Shop!

Spreadshop is new to you, but you feel like making a statement for peace in Ukraine and raise money by selling protest designs? No problem! You can set up your Shop in just a few minutes.

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When I create a product in my Spreadshirt store, I see no option to donate sales proceeds to a charity. How do I do this?

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