YouTube: Doing Big Things with Shorts

YouTube: Doing Big Things with Shorts

Partners in Crime

Creators already have a lot of options for making money on YouTube. This includes selling merch directly from the platform, fan financing, as well as cooperations. With the welcoming of YouTube’s short film format (ingeniously named YouTube Shorts) into the mixture, the possibilities have now grown even further.

Only recently, access requirements for the YouTube Merch Shelf and Insights were reduced significantly, and now even more creators can use this feature. The platform is taking the next big step in monetization!

Everyone Looks Good in Shorts

In the future, it will pay off to really show the world your shorts. Advertising in the shorts feed creates a new source of income in YouTube’s short film department – not only for the platform itself, but for creators, too.

Does the term ‘shorts feed’ sound familiar? Yup, YouTube is trying to catch up with the platforms pioneering short video clips, like Instagram and TikTok. With a 45% share of advertising revenues announced, the chance of users making the switch is high.

New Features

The buck doesn’t stop with advertising revenue, though. Fans should soon be able to buy so-called Super Thanks and Super Stickers to support their idols.

With a more personal and open style of fan funding, we’re sure to see a few creatives flock to the world of YouTube Shorts. Sounds like an excellent time to polish up your merch and promote your Shop with the right ads.

Some Sonic Upgrades

Silicon Valley’s most famous really seem to be on the charm offensive. The next trick they have up their sleeve: Creator Music.

We’ve all seen certain songs go viral on TikTok. So shorts and trending music should go hand-in-hand. Creator Music is apparently going to act as a bridge between the music industry and creatives. Dreamy metaphors aside, what’s in it for you? The answer: More songs will be available to soundtrack your Shorts.

Let me in!

There actually are some boxes to tick off before you can start earning with YouTube Shorts. Your channel needs to get 1000 subscribers and 10 million views within 90 days. Reach this, and you can start enjoying these fresh new features.

The numbers are more achievable than they seem, and your creativity is more than capable. Start by planning a little video strategy.

No matter if you’re a store owner, YouTuber, or fan, these changes are shaking things up. What’s your take? Are you a cinephile traditionalist shorts in portrait format? Let us know in the comments.




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