Meta update – everything you need to know

Meta update – everything you need to know

Previously, it was easy to simply link your Spreadshop to the Meta Business Suite and essentially set everything up with just one click. Now, you may have to set everything up manually again, but there’s good news, too: control of your account is back in your own hands.

After all, Meta has plenty of benefits for your Spreadshop: you can sell your products directly via the social networks and take a smart approach to running a modern e-commerce business. After all, your friends, family and followers are already on Facebook and Instagram, anyway.

You can also use the platform to reach new customers and expand your brand for free. Functions such as Facebook groups, targeted ads, and special merch drops with time-limited offers for individual products on Instagram can help you do this.

The latest Meta update doesn’t change anything in this regard. We, too, are working constantly to improve Spreadshop. That’s why we’d like to show you in this blog post how you can get the most out of the latest changes in the Meta Business Suite for your Spreadshop.

What’s new?

The latest Meta update gives you back your full flexibility, allowing you to manage settings, changes, updates and your Meta Commerce activities based on your own personal needs. The manual processes let you take a tailored approach to Meta Commerce. You can also manage several shops and product catalogues, which facilitates a personalized and efficient workflow.

Verifying your domain

Before you can use Meta Business Suite, you need to verify the domain of your Spreadshop.

Why is this important?

  • So you can connect the Meta Business Suite to your Spreadshop.
  • So you can give specific pages editing permissions for your ads.

How do I create and verify a domain in Meta Business Manager?

  1. Open the Meta Business Suite at
    Settings > Brand Safety > Domains > Add > New domain > Enter domain for verification
  2. Copy the generated meta tag – you’ll find it after “content=” in the HTML
  3. Open your Shop settings in the Spreadshop Partner Area:
    Marketing > Meta > Insert a meta tag
  4. Return to Meta and click “Verify Domain”

Meta pixel

What is a Meta pixel?

A Meta pixel is an analytics tool. It measures user behavior on your website. This allows you to work out how effective your ad campaigns on Facebook are. After all, the tool tracks events such as page views, products added to shopping cart, purchases, scroll depth, time spent on the page, and much more.

When you add a Meta pixel to your Spreadshop, you can track visits to your website and get helpful insights: for instance, on where traffic comes from, which device users are using, and demographic information.

As a first step, then, the Meta pixel helps you analyze your customers. This allows you to create tailored advertising, optimize existing ads and ensure that your campaigns are shown to the correct target audience.

How can I create and add a Meta pixel?

  1. Open the “Meta Business Suite” at
    Settings > Data sources > Datasets > Add
  2. Create a name for your new data set > Copy the pixel ID
  3. In the Spreadshop Partner Area, go to your Shop settings:
    Marketing > Meta > Paste the Meta pixel

Meta Product Feed

What is a Meta Product Feed?

A product feed is a list of products combined with product information. It can be used to display information on Facebook and Instagram. You can use the feed to display product lists and to place ads for and retarget specific users.

Users who visit your shop on Facebook or Instagram can click on the products there and purchase them straight from your Spreadshop.

Here’s how to sync the product feed and create a catalog for your Spreadshop products on Meta:

  1. Go to your Spreadshop Partner Area:
    Marketing > Meta > Product feed > Copy product feed
  2. Open the “Meta Business Suite” at
    Data sources > Catalogs > Add > Create a new catalog > Name catalog
  3. Click Type and select an option that suits your Spreadshop > Create
  4. Choose the options you need for your Shop
  5. In the Commerce Manager, click the following:
    Open > Data sources > Data feed > Next > Paste the product feed URL here > Upload

Get started with Meta Business Suite now and take your Spreadshop to a new level with marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

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1 month ago

As someone who regularly uses Spreadshop, I find updating Meta slice master a bit inconvenient. However, I understand the benefit of having better control over my account.

1 month ago

Your article was eye-opening. Thank you for shedding light on this subject. Solar

Jennifer Lee Clark
Jennifer Lee Clark
5 months ago

Does anyone know how to integrate a spreadshop account with Etsy? It says it can be done but I can’t find anything on either site that allows me to do it. Thanks!

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