Shop of the Month: Interview with Erik Aanderaa

Shop of the Month: Interview with Erik Aanderaa

What does it take to run a successful shop with Spreadshop? We asked Erik Aanderaa, sailor and adventurer from Norway, about his experiences with Spreadshop and how his passion drove his success.

Erik has been with Spreadshop for 8 years , and his shop follows the theme of his YouTube channel about his sailing adventures. He sails across the North Atlantic ocean, and shares his journey with his audience as he catches the high waves. Erik started offering merch after his audience showed interest in it, and through selling merch related to his passion he was able to spread his message and connect further with his audience.

Erik’s Testimonial

Tips and tricks

What does it take to be successful?

“In my case it started out making a reputation, brand and logo for my business. Then I utilized Spreadshop to spread my word by printing my brand on the merchandise, and promote it on my social medias.”

What lessons have you learned along the way? How did you start?

“I have learned that opening a shop and start branding myself selling merch was a very smart move. In the start I had doubts and didn’t think people would wear my merch. I learned not to let doubts and fear get in your way.” 

What’s your best tip you would recommend other shop owners who are just starting out?

“Work on your design, make it simple and let it tell the story of your brand. Make it clear for your audience what your message is.”

Erik’s designs

What are your top 3 – bestselling or favorite designs and what makes them special?

“I use my logo in several different designs. They all sell good and reach a broader audience as everyone have different desires of what they want to wear.”

How do you come up with your designs?

“I hand draw firstly, then use Photoshop for the finished product.”

What tips would you give other partners to create unique designs?

“Be creative. Ask others who have knowledge about making designs. Get your friends and family to help out, their opinion is very valuable.”

The bestsellers

What are your best selling products?

“T-shirts and hoodies are on the top.”

Which products shouldn’t be missing in your shop?

“T-shirts, hoodies, and hats.”

What features of the products do you particularly value? (sustainability, quality, price, etc.)

“Quality and how it fits. It has to make you feel good when you wear it.”

Marketing tips

Where do you advertise your shop?

“I market my shops in the end of each YouTube video, on Instagram, my website and Facebook.”

What kind of content do you create to market your products?

“I wear my designs in my videos, then promote them in the end, and direct my audience to the shops.”

How do you integrate promotions to drive your sales?

“I do promos on Instagram and FB stories mostly.”

Erik’s Channels

We hope Erik’s interview has given you some valuable insight into what makes a successful shop and simple tips you can implement too. Don’t forget to check out Erik’s Spreadshop as well as his social media channels. You don’t want to miss out on his adventures on YouTube!


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