Shop of the Month: Interview with Valya

Shop of the Month: Interview with Valya

Introducing our Shop of the Month and second place winner of our 2024 Design Challenge, Bon Valyage! Spreadshop owner Valya is learning the ins and outs of having your own business, and at the same time she’s leaving her fears behind through her creative designs. With many crafty passions like writing, drawing, and sewing, Valya realized her creative potential and decided to turn her passion into a business. Learn about what inspires Valya and some of her best tips as a Spreadshop owner.

The 2024 Design Challenge

What is the inspiration behind your Spread Good Vibes design?

I was inspired by the contest themes—mental health, motivational quests, nature, plants, cute animals, and a groovy, happy style—which align with my journey. Nature is my sanctuary, aiding my mental health, and my cat’s playful spirit has helped me combat impostor syndrome and embrace my authentic self. As I brainstormed design options, these elements merged in my mind, ultimately leading to the final piece. It reflects my growth, self-discovery, and joy in nature and my furry companion.

What did the process of creating your design look like and which tool(s) did you use?

I began sketching my idea on paper, then brought it to life in Procreate. Initially, I imagined a cat artist painting a vacuuming dog – a playful take on cats’ two biggest fears. The concept was “create more, fear less.” However, I realized the design was too intricate for a tote or t-shirt. So, I simplified it to feature a cat and mouse relaxing together, embodying the ‘fear less’ mantra – embracing ease and letting ideas flow.

Would you take part in another Spreadshop challenge again?

Absolutely! I had a fantastic experience participating in the Spreadshop challenge. The opportunity to showcase my creativity, connect with likeminded individuals, and support a great cause was incredibly rewarding.

Valya’s designs

What are your 3 favorite or most successful designs?

For now, the most successful is this one: ‘Create more, fear less.’ Soon, I hope to have many more successful designs and my top three.

How do you create your designs and what tools do you use?

I create my designs using a combination of traditional and digital media. I start by sketching out my ideas with pencil drawings, then bring them to life using Procreate. I also create some designs using Kittl and Canva.

What tips do you have for other partners to create unique designs?

My tips for creating unique designs are:

1. Find inspiration from the world around you.
2. Quickly sketch or write down your ideas as they come.
3. Share your designs with a trusted friend who will give you honest and constructive feedback.
4. Be open to their opinion and use it to refine your design.

Valya’s products

What does your perfect range look like, and which products should people have in their shops?

I’m still learning about the business world, but as I explore print-on-demand and e-commerce, I’ll discover the perfect products and niches that align with my brand and artistic style

Which features of the products are most important to you?

All of them! a balance of quality, price, sustainability, and social responsibility are interconnected and essential for creating products that not only look great but also do good.

Marketing approach

Where and on which platforms do you market your shop?

I currently market my shop on Instagram.

What content do you create for your target audience to market your products?

I create engaging storytelling content on Instagram to market my products, sharing the inspiration behind my designs, my creative process, and the meaning behind each piece. By sharing my story and showcasing my art in a relatable and authentic way.

Do you incorporate promotions to boost your sales, and if so, how?

Not yet, but it’s on my radar!

Valya’s channels

We hope you found inspiration in Valya’s story and her approach to her designs. Feel free to apply some of her tips in your own design creation process! Be sure to visit Valya’s Spreadshop and explore her other channels on Instagram and YouTube.

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