Mobile T-Shirt Designer

Mobile T-Shirt Designer

Mobile T-Shirt Designer

Our ears were alert to your wishes for the new mobile and touch-optimized T-Shirt-Designer to be implemented in your Designer Shops. So we got into gear and did just that…

New look, improved usability, more sales for you. It’s a simple and beautiful equation to meet the demands of our day and age. So we take great pride in announcing the big news *drum roll*… The all new mobile-friendly T-Shirt Designer: it’s there! This means that the shopping for your customers will experience a massive boost. We at Spreadshirt have already put the new Designer to extensive tests, and our analysis has shown much higher conversion rates.

You can easily tie the new T-Shirt Designer in with your shop by heading over to your User Area. First select “Shop Settings“ > “Appearance”  > ”Settings“, and then click on Mobile-friendly Designer . “Yes” is the last setting you’d want to activate next. (please note: only available for designer shops)

As we’re currently working on revamping the whole platform, we won’t be able to implement any changes to the new T-Shirt Designer in the near future as we are prioritising other projects. But please do let us know in case you should have any questions or queries, we’ll try our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

We are confident that shopping is more relaxed and intuitive for your customers now, and we wish you the best of luck selling your gear.

Have you gained any experience with the new T-Shirt Designer already? We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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