New & Improved – Your SpreadShop

New & Improved – Your SpreadShop

New & Improved – Your SpreadShop

The new SpreadShop and all of its advantages have been available for some time now. What’s been improved, you ask? Well, a modernized layout for starters, but also faster loading times, optimization for mobile devices and a simplified checkout procedure that leads to more conversions and better sales. Now we have added a few other features that Partners like yourself have asked for. Follow the jump to get all the details.

Easy admin control

Changing your SpreadShop settings is now super easy and straight forward. All you need to do is click Shop settings > SpreadShop. Next to the most important facts about the new Spreadshop, you can find a neatly arranged menu that gives you access to all of your SpreadShop settings, from the Shop name to the layout and the HTML or CSS settings.

Automatic product creation

This long-desired feature is now available! In your user area, go to Shop settings > Shop Layout > SpreadShop > Views > Products with designs. Here you can decide whether you want to offer a design on all products or only certain product categories. The latter comes in handy when e.g. offering adult designs that would not be appropriate for kids’ or baby products. “Automatic product generation” will help you save time creating a broad product assortment for your customers.

More color schemes

Check out the new color templates and change your Shop’s colors to freshen it up or make it more appealing. Next to the standard colors, there are now five additional color templates called Crème, Fresh, Summer, Metallic and Neon [links]. These templates have been designed to match the background color with the menu bar and footer. Try ’em out!

Sensible menu structure

An important piece of news: until now the area for sorting designs and products was accessed in the menu item labeled Designs & Products. The option is now found under the Shop Settings tab.

More support

Do you have any questions? Check out the FAQ where the most common questions have already been addressed. IT fiends and skilled programmers can exchange ideas on our Developer Blog as well. Here you’ll also receive updates and new features you can expect in the near future. Last but certainly not least, we highly recommend checking out the User Voice Forum – it’s a great place to give feedback and exchange ideas with other SpreadShop users.

We hope you like the SpreadShop updates and we eagerly look forward to your feedback. What are your first experiences with the new Shop version, and what can still be improved? Please comment below.

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8 years ago

Hello everyone,

thank you so much for your valuable feedback! I forwarded it to our product managment colleagues who are working on these projects.

Here a short feedback for you:
– the search bar is intended for the first quarter of 2016
– a link to the seller page is a very good idea and our product management will include it in the planning
– a max. design resolution is of course also intended for the future

Kind regards,
Leila from Spreadshirt

8 years ago

Improvements are very good. I appreciate. Really I liked it.

8 years ago

Nice improvements, but it’s still simply an unusable platform until we’re allowed to reduce and limit the currently-excessive maximum resolution of our design preview images to greatly deter mass thefts of our designs.

We’re still waiting.

8 years ago

Sad to say that I have not really tried doing anything with my Spreadshirt store since I opened my account a few years ago. I found the image upload restrictions way to frustrating back then and it seems to have gotten worse with time. I was very excited to see that you now offer automatic product creation. However, once you have uploaded an image that falls within the uploader restrictions, the image is NOT large enough to fit on ANY of the products.

Have to give this new option five thumbs down! 🙁

8 years ago

I don’t see “Automatic product generation” under shop settings

8 years ago

The new changes are overdue, but I’m glad they’re finally here.

Why isn’t a Search Bar on the Store page? Customers could then search for a specific design or related designs without scrolling through pages of images?

Why isn’t a link to the Seller’s Main Marketplace page on the Store page OR atleast an option to add it?

I know this could probably be accomplished with CSS or HTML, but everyone is not Code savy or doesn’t have time to figure it out.

I firmly believe those two additions would make both a better Customer experience and increase sales for the Seller and for Spreadshirt. Win Win.


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