SpreadShop: New CSS classification and deep-linking structure


We are continually improving the SpreadShop and its administration, and there’s a lot of work done behind the scenes to make your experience a better one. Occasionally, some adjustments may have a direct impact on the look and usability of your Shop, so it’s important to know what’s looming on the horizon. In the beginning of September, we’ll be introducing two changes that you should be aware of:

New names for CSS classifications

  • This is only important for you to know if you have written your own CSS
  • We are changing the names for CSS classes in HTML and CSS for SpreadShops
  • All classifications will have an added “sprd-” prefix
  • What used to be e.g. “button” will now be “sprd-button
  • In order to see how the changes impact your Shop, go to your Shop settings and click on “Advanced settings” and tick the box “I use frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap).”
  • If there are any issues displaying your Shop, add a “sprd-” in front of the name of the classification that’s shown incorrectly in your CSS. This way, you’ll get your CSS in tune with the new HTML of your SpreadShops.
  • CSS coding is helpful for partners who want to style their shops differently


New deep-linking structure

  • We are going to change the parameters of deep-links at the beginning of September
  • Parameter–L” will be replaced by Parameter?q=
  • Example before: https://shop.spreadshirt.de/goats/-LD1
  • Example new: https://shop.spreadshirt.de/goats/?q=D1
  • Please adjust your deep-links accordingly
  • You can now already use the new parameters since the old ones won’t work anymore after the switch early in September

If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to get back to you if you send an email to partner@spreadshirt.com or drop a comment below. 



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7 years ago

interesting article i hope spreadshirts will find more for our shops

Bryan Schopp
7 years ago

Very interesting topic, regards for posting.

7 years ago


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