Goodbye Collections, Hello Freedom of Choice

Goodbye Collections, Hello Freedom of Choice

You spoke, we listened. Spreadshirt developers are in the process of removing collections from the product creation process, replacing them with a tool that will allow you to pick and choose which products you offer.

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Based on overwhelming feedback, it quickly became clear that lumping products together into collections does not provide enough flexibility for Partners. They can’t specify which products they offer their customers.

Thank God! Now What?

The release on the 30th of March 2017 removes collections from the product creation process. They will be replaced by a tool that gives Partners the flexibility they’ve been yearning for.

Partners operating within the new Partner Area will now be able to choose from a selection of 100+/- of our best-selling products for their designs. Specifying between departments (men, women, accessories, gadget cases, etc.) and product groups (t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, etc.) will allow for customized product offerings. Moreover, you can refine your product groups by chosing up to four categories: “fashion”, “best-seller”, “organic” and “sports”.

In other words, if you want to offer only women’s organic t-shirts in your Shop, you can. If you want to sell only phone and tablet cases in the Marketplace, you can do that too. Just baby clothing and hats? Absolutely!

What’s Next?

The release takes place seamlessly on the 30th of March 2017.  Once the switch has been made, it may be necessary to “clean up” your Shops and Marketplace offerings by recreating the products you want to offer with the new tool.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

With this release, we are reducing our product range to 100+/- products.  This selection of products makes up over 93% of Shop orders. Essentially, it’s addition by subtraction: by limiting the range to best-sellers only, the chance of making a sale increases. Products in Shops and on the Marketplace that have been created with items not included in the reduced product range will be deleted.

We’ve created a page here that details exactly which products didn’t make the cut.

And we’re not done yet! Future releases are on the way this spring and will include product color specification. Enjoy the new freedom, and here’s wishing you good sales!

Thoughts or opinions about the new product creation option? Your feedback is essential in helping us provide you with the tools and features you need to succeed. Leave a comment below!

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  1. I’ve just opened a new store that I am setting this up for an organisation that only wants to sell their official clothing in certain colours. They want to offer a men’s t-shirt and a men’s hoodie in a particular colour and only have those two products available. How do I do that? They have several types of “bestsellins” t-shirts and hoodies appearing on site, but I only want the basic, cheap ones there. And how do I select the specific colour I need? There used to be like 24 colours, now there’s only 12, which aren’t the ones I need.

    I have an older store that uses the manual creation method which makes this easy. How can I do this now?

    • You are now using the new Partner Area. The colour filter will only be available End of June. Currently behind every product you see in the partner area, a few more products are hidden and these take up the settings for the base product. You can therefore currently not chose just to have two products in your shop.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      You must now be able to chose specific product groups and no longer entire collections, as it was previously the case. Correct?


  2. Hi Lena,

    Have you migrated over the new filters to the shops area? It appears so, but I’m confused by your mentioning earlier that not all has been migrated., also because you discuss signing in with a new email to see the new area. Please enlighten. Thanks,


    • Hi Charles,

      It depends when you signed up on Spreadshirt and whether you are using the new partner area or the old user area. So….when did you sign up with Spreadshirt? This might help resolve the confusion. Let me know!


  3. It seems to me like these are just different/slightly smaller collections… Is it still not possible to make and display a specific product using the same functionality as your “Create” page? If so, why?

    We’re trying to display a very limited selection of products (basic t-shirt, basic hoodie, basic tank-top, etc.), and activate the T-Shirt Designer so customers can order fringe/higher-cost products at their discretion, but this seems impossible.

    • Hi Steve,

      Indeed you still cannot chose to only show one specific product but you can now set a limitation to waht is exactly shown in your shop with this first set of characteristics. This set of characteristics will be extended throughout the year with color specification, price range specification, etc.


  4. Aun me siguen apareciendo articulos que no quiero en mi tienda..por favor esto me impide personalizar mi tienda a mi gusto de acuerdo a mi nicho de mercado! Agradeceria que arreglaran ese detalle

    • Hi Emanuel,

      This is normal. Behind every product you’ll find some more products “hiding” with the same product characteristics. You can limit the type of product you want to have shown in your shop but you cannot delete the products behind the orginal product!


  5. Thanks for that, and also pls add a tool to choose color for products, I mean black designs are not for black tees and white designs are not for white tees. Improve that color selecting.Thanks

    • Hey Sachintha,

      The color filter will become available in the next three months. We will make sure to keep you posted 🙂


    • Hi Inspired Beings,

      For now you cannot add Leggings to your Shop.
      The sales of the leggings were not high enough to add them to the collections.


  6. Thank you Lena for all of these great clarifications. Is it also in the plan to be able to place my design on the front or the back of the shirt? And how about sizing the design? Basically what I’m looking for is the flexibility to design the shirt just as we do in the spreadshirt design creator -which I love. I can upload my design, size it, put it on the front or the back, then I can add some text, on the front or the back. I’ve been disappointed with the limitations for designing tshirts in my shop. Any chance?

  7. Great. Now I can respond to my customer demands. I would also like for Spreadshirt to look at lower price products because my customers complain that the pricing of the shirts are expensive.

  8. I wish to have the freedom to choose the design from the products group myself. I only want to sell one type on T-shirt. I don`t like all the designs from one product group, so it destroys everything for me. I also really want to be able to choose the colors myself as well.

    • Hey Solfrid,

      With the upcoming changes you will be able to greatly limit the products you offer in your shop. The color filter will be made available in the next two months.


  9. Does this mean I can choose a sweatshop free t-shirt over one that is not sweatshop free? This has seriously been the only reason why I have not been active on spreadshirt, as I don’t want to sell items made in sweatshops.

    • Hi RebelwheelsNYC,

      Yes, you can use the filters to limit the products you offer in your shop.


  10. Yippee Skippee!

    This gives us more and better product flexibility. I hope you guys got maternity wear because this is what I felt was lacking and I got so many ideas tucked away!

    Thanks so much!!! NOW LET’S MAKE SOME MONEY……

    • Hey Millicent Ann Peters,

      Awesome that you are happy with the upcoming changes, we are as well 🙂 . I do have to tell you though that for now we do not have the maternity clothes in our product range and therefore no category for it. But please know that we will be extending the categories as we go along.


    • Hi Lena. This is timely as I’ve been investigating options for my tshirts. I love the shirts I’ve created and tested for myself on spreadshirt. Question, will I be able to create shirts with design on front and text on the back and vice versa for my shop? Thanks so much?

    • Hey David,

      For now the functionality you are talking about is not yet available. You can only place one design per product. But (!) adding text and adding more than one design on a product is the next big feature our product team will work on. I will keep you posted.


  11. For me, this won’t work. I create all of my own shirts and they are divided into two very different categories. So now, instead of having one site with each category on its own page I have to have two separate sites. which creates more work for me.

    • Hey Jeff,

      I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Did you like the old collection system better. Or are you perhaps even using the old user area. In this case this information is not relevant for you. These changes are only taking place in our new partner area. People using the old user area have not been migrated yet.


    • Hey John,

      this feature is part of our new partner area and is available globally. You might still use the old user area. In this case this information is not relevant for you. You can sign up with a new e-mail address and then you can have a look at the new partner area as well. Let me know if you have any further questions.


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