Migration of all Designer Shops to SpreadShop

Migration of all Designer Shops to SpreadShop

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort over the past few years developing a modern shop system and layout that meets your customers’ needs and expectations. We’ve made the SpreadShop faster, better-looking and mobile-friendly with helpful built-in features like the mini basket. And now that the SpreadShop T-Shirt Designer works as a stand-alone Designer Shop, it’s time to switch everyone to the new technology!

The Migration is coming soon

We’ve already finished migrating most shops to the new SpreadShop model, but those who had a Designer Shop in the “old” system haven’t been able to switch yet. On 6/15/2017, the last migration phase will bring all old Designer Shops over to the new SpreadShop (which now also supports Designer Shops with the T-Shirt Designer integration). Since you’re running a Designer Shop, you can now switch to the new technology with the click of a button.

Here’s what you get

  • Seamless shopping experience on mobile and desktop
  • Modern look
  • Faster loading times
  • Simple addition of product lists
  • Continuous updates and improvements
  • Mini basket
  • Easily edit the layout and settings
  • Everything’s just one click away

Visit our migration page and click on “Update now”. If you want to modify your new SpreadShop first, no problem! Simply go to your Shop Settings before you migrate.

Please note: all shops that are not manually migrated by their owner will be automatically migrated to the new system on 6/15/2017. We are no longer able to support the old system and will be concentrating fully on the SpreadShop moving forward.

Your customers are already surfing the modern web. Don’t waste any more time and upgrade now. Make your new SpreadShop happy!

Which features do you like most in the new SpreadShop? Do you have any ideas for new features? Let us know in the comments below.

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aqib javed
6 years ago

hi i’m new here nd i realy want know when i create a shop then how this is work
(like in shop i create a design and you handle everything or i create a design and i build the shirt and i supply)

i’m a designer and if shop features is (like i create a design and you handle everything like (partner feautres) then i create a shop,,sorry for bad english and please reply must,thanks

Darren Burch
6 years ago

Hi everyone. My name is Darren Burch. I have sent my application for tax information. My shop is ready on line. But I am still waiting to see if everything is okay. Because I really want to start selling our t_shirt designs.
Can we start promoting ?
We are not buying. We are selling.
Shop name is DBBCraftworks.

Thank you

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