New Limit for Design Uploads

New Limit for Design Uploads

Many Partners are currently waiting several days for their designs to be reviewed and approved. The logjam is due to a small handful of Partners uploading thousands of designs on a daily basis. To speed up the verification process, we are implementing a limit on the total number of daily design uploads. Read on to learn more.

Reasons for the Delay

Every day, Spreadshirt’s design review team examines about 5,000 designs, making sure each one complies with our technical, legal, and ethical guidelines. Possible reasons for rejection can be found in our Help Center.

A small handful of Partners upload hundreds of designs every day, commanding the attention of the entire review team. As a result, other Partners are waiting days before their new design uploads can be cleared.

New Limit

To speed up the design review process, we will implement a limit on the number of daily design uploads.

• 200 designs max. per day
• Beginning October 11th, 2017
• Applies to the new User Area only (Partners who opened an account after on/after October 20th, 2016)

Partners reaching 200 daily design uploads will be notified in the upload section and will have to wait until the next day to upload more designs.

In addition to speeding up the review process, the daily limit will allow Partners to invest more time in developing their designs and coming up with appropriate keyword tags and descriptions. Choosing good keywords and suitable descriptions is essential in increasing design searchability for both the Spreadshirt Marketplace and search engines.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. We’ll get back to you asap.

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Jennifer Nichols
Jennifer Nichols
6 years ago

What are design limitations for hats?

5 years ago

What do you mean with “for hats”? Not sure what you are referring to. The limit affects all designs that you upload in the partner area.

6 years ago

Thanks Lena!

6 years ago

How can I put a picture on the shirt

6 years ago
Reply to  Itsjustmore


please contact our Customer Service via mail:

You can really easily upload your design and create products once you’vre registered here:


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