The Showroom for Marketplace Designers

The Showroom for Marketplace Designers

Who is the genius behind all the great designs on the Spreadshirt Marketplace? Right! The Spreadshirt community. And who makes up the Spreadshirt community, exactly? It’s you! The Marketplace Designer! It’s long past due that we give each of our designers a face – a clear profile that presents the entire range of your work to customers in a personalized Showroom that you can proudly show and share. All of that said, we present to you today: the Designer Showroom.

Introducing the Designer Showroom

The Showroom is not a completely new invention, yet it does provide a great new opportunity for Marketplace Designers to present their work in an effective and flattering way. The Showroom has emerged from the ashes of what was once known as the “Artist Profile Page”- a page that was hardly noticed, let alone known about.

You can reach your Designer Showroom at https://www.spreadshirt./com/user/XXXX (just add your username for XXXX). The Showroom should help create a more personal connection between you, your designs, and your customers.

Customize Your Showroom

Your Designer Showroom is your gallery, your studio, your space to show the world your designs and what you’re all about. Use the following features to make it everything you want it to be:

  1. Easy in-line editing: if you’re already logged into Spreadshirt, you can edit your Showroom page directly and in realtime, seeing the results of your edits immediately. You can reach your Showroom at (just add your user name for XXXX). Alternatively, you can edit your Showroom from your user account. Click on the “Showroom” button to go directly to your Showroom page.
  2. Add your own header image: you can upload your own header image with the dimensions 2400px x 600px for the personal painting and for the style of your design.
  3. Add a profile picture: show your customers and fans the face behind your designs or add your own logo. Your profile image will be displayed in a circle and should be 130px x 130px.
  4. Add a little personal information: tell your fans and customers a little bit about yourself. Let them know who you are, what’s so special about your designs, and what visitors can expect in your Showroom.
  5. Add your social media links: help your fans, followers and customers find you on popular social media platforms by adding your social media links to your header
  6. Sharing feature: customers can easily share the link to your Showroom with their friends and followers, helping you gain more exposure and more customers

Customize Your Showroom

Even More to Look Forward To

The Designer Showroom is part of a comprehensive strategy to help Marketplace Designers achieve greater visibility, a more personal profile, and better sales opportunities. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be making a big push to show some love for our Marketplace Designers. Here are a few examples of what’s to come:

  • The Spreadshirt Select interview series, which presents the success stories of designers in a personal interview.
  • Regular design contests. You can find up-to-date information here.
  • We are steadily expanding our reach through external marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, so that your designs can also be found outside of the Spreadshirt platform.
  • Additional protection of your designs as intellectual property (e.g. by adding a watermark) will continue to be explored in the future.

We are very curious about your opinion of the Showroom and the new presentation options for Marketplace Designers. Please leave us a comment below!

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Jana Zejbech
Jana Zejbech
22 days ago

Exciting news for the creative minds behind Spreadshirt’s fantastic designs! The introduction of the Designer Showroom is a game-changer, offering a personalized space for Marketplace Designers to showcase their work in a more engaging and visible manner. This innovative move not only gives designers a face but also enhances their ability to proudly share their artistic range with customers. For those aspiring to create a standout P2P website like Etsy , adopting a similar personalized showcase could be a fantastic strategy to spotlight individual talents and products effectively.

6 years ago

Thank you

6 years ago

All I get when I try to add my facebook page (a page that I have for my store/designs, not a personal one), is ‘this user is not registered on facebook’.

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