How to Sell on Pinterest

We’re living in a world where people want information fast. Therefore, utilizing image-based social media is monumental. Creative images have the power to capture the attention of your audience in a way that words cannot.

Pinterest effectively combines attributes of both impulsive consumers and practical consumers through images on its aesthetically pleasing platform. Even just one simple pin has the power to improve your brand’s visual identity, SEO and website traffic. To make the most of your Pinterest account, here are some tips and tricks to effectively sell on Pinterest.

Link Your Website to Every Pin

You’re not going to reap the benefits of Pinterest if your pins aren’t directing your audience anywhere. Whether you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, your Spreadshirt shop or your social media profiles, be sure to include the URL in each pin. That way, when someone wants to learn more about one of your pins, they have a direct passage to further information.

Highlight the Benefits

As an entrepreneur, nobody knows your brand like you do. It’s your prerogative to brag about all the benefits of your business, and Pinterest is the perfect platform to do this. If consumers are aware of your strongest selling points, they’ll be a lot more willing to learn more.

Verify Your Website

Nothing gives a consumer more trust and reassurance than that little verification symbol. Luckily, with Pinterest, you don’t have a bunch of requirements to make this happen. All you need to do is verify your website, and voila, you’re official.

Pinterest tips and tricks

Share Success Stories

When a consumer can witness customer satisfaction, they automatically associate your business with success. Use Pinterest to share brand-related content produced by your customers. Dedicate a Pinterest board to customer success and your audience will want to experience that feeling as well!

Provide Inspiration

Many people use Pinterest for finding vacation destinations, recipes, car reviews and everything in between. Why? Because people want to feel inspired. Share exciting and inspirational images related to your brand. If you’re promoting your Spreadshirt shop, some inspiring images might be outfit ideas or design ideas. Link these pins to your website, and your products could make someone’s inspiration a reality.

Add Discounts and Pricing

Product rich pins reveal real-time pricing and discounts. By sharing rich pins that feature your products, consumers can easily make a purchase from your shop with just a few clicks. This is when Pinterest basically does the selling for you, so don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this powerful tool.

Use Trending Keywords

Using keywords on Pinterest doesn’t only give you more visibility on the platform, it also can improve your organic search ranking on Google as well. Populating your pins with trending, relevant keywords will help give your pins the exposure that they deserve. In order to properly use keywords in Pinterest account, try implementing some of our tricks below:

  • Incorporate keywords in the description of your pin
  • Incorporate keywords in the title of your pin
  • Use Pinterest Analytics to gain insight on your most effective pins
  • Use the Pinterest search bar to help nail down long tail keywords
  • Incorporate keywords in title of each pin board

So, there you have it, some helpful hints to make the most of your Pinterest profile.  Now, are you ready to start selling with Pinterest?

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Iyonna Vanhook
6 years ago

I would like to sell On here

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