Content Marketing for eCommerce Stores

Content Marketing for eCommerce Stores

Content marketing. It raises brand awareness, it drives traffic and most of all, it’s free. Now is the time where consumers want more. You may have amazing t-shirt designs, but that alone is not enough. Content is what you need to produce long-lasting and loyal relationships with your customers. The more you put out there, the more your brand awareness will grow.

Now, content gives you full bragging rights. Talk your brand up, reveal your values, your industry knowledge, even your plans for the future. Prove that you’re the best and why you should be their go-to brand. Consumers have become deaf to advertising, so the world of content marketing is where you need to exist.

The following platforms are a good place to start as far as content marketing goes. Give them a try and see how they can improve your eCommerce content strategy.


Many well-known brands and influencers use Medium as the backbone to their content marketing strategy. The platform takes informational and educational content and gives users an opportunity to add their own personality and meaning. Medium isn’t about sharing facts, it’s about sharing your voice and ideas. If you want your thoughts to be heard, then Medium is the place for you.


While Tumblr has been under the radar for the past couple years, it’s officially made a groundbreaking comeback. To make it simple, Tumbler is blogging made easy. The platform allows users to post anything imaginable. Stories, photos, facts, GIF’s, links, literally anything. You’ll never run out of interesting things to share! Now that Tumblr’s acquiring users at a record-setting pace, don’t pass up the content opportunities that it has to offer.


There’s a good chance you’re already familiar with the power of Pinterest. However, you may not realize that Pinterest isn’t a social media platform. It’s a search engine, just like Google and just like YouTube. Pinterest takes the functionality and engagement of social media and implements it into a search engine environment, filled with SEO opportunities. By producing content on Pinterest, you’re inspiring and educating your audience while driving traffic to your website. Pinterest offers a lot of possibilities for your brand, so be sure to use the platform to its full potential.


If you haven’t already explored the idea of implementing Flipboard into your eCommerce content strategy, then now is the perfect time. While Flipboard is similar to a social network, it’s more of a magazine staring your brand and other relevant content. You can feature new content created by you or “flip” articles into your magazine! Invite people to read your content, invite people to contribute content, whatever you want to produce, Flipboard has the tools to make it happen.


Reddit is a creative social platform allowing users to hold discussions and connect with others on certain topics. Now, Reddit is unique in a way where it creates smaller groups within the platform to bring people with similar interests together. By utilizing Reddit for your brand, you’ll be able to broaden the reach of your content and support a community of people that love your brand as well.


Quora is a user-friendly question-and-answer platform, used by millions of professionals in various markets. From a content perspective, Quora is vital for building brand awareness. There’s thousands of consumers asking for help, recommendations and suggestions from the public. This is a place where your brand can become a solution. Share your industry knowledge and build a presence until you become the go-to, reliable source for relevant information.

The list doesn’t end here. There are many wonderful content marketing platforms that will do amazing things for your business. Try out a couple, see which feel right and hammer away at content marketing plan.

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4 years ago

Thank you for your ideas. Now i know more things one of them.

4 years ago

Content marketing is so hard for me to understand. Thanks for including examples. I’ll definitely take a look at them.



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