How to use Google Trends for Market Research

How to use Google Trends for Market Research

We’re officially living in a world that’s run by Google. Research is easier, analyzing data is more efficient, even our lives at home are simplified, and it’s all because of Google. So, how can this search engine improve your market research strategy? Two words: Google Trends.

Google Trends has the ability to reveal real-time analytics and activity associated with different search-terms. Researching a single word or phrase will expose interest over time, interest by region and so on. You can compare search terms side-by-side, so you know how to best optimize your content.

Here are some tips, tried and true, to help you make the most out of Google Trends:

Choosing a Design Name

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for a design in your t-shirt shop, Google Trends can help optimize the title in more than one way. By observing which search terms have high traffic volumes, Google pretty much can choose the most effective design name for you. Once you know which terms to include, then it will be easier to build your design name around it.

Spark New Design Ideas

When you’re having a case of designer’s block, take a look at which search terms are hot so you have an understanding of what people are talking about. Dissect the interface of Google Trends to understand what your ideal customer is looking for. Think about your buyer personas and what designs would speak to them. Once you gain that awareness, your designs will be selling like hotcakes.

Content Marketing Inspiration

Google Trends is a valuable tool from a content marketing standpoint. It has the insight and analytics to help inspire creative ideas. The platform’s dashboard includes a list of related articles associated with your search topic to stimulate those creative juices of yours. Whether you’re bone dry of blog or video topics, Google Trends can help get your mindset where it needs to be.

Track Your Competitors

Competition. It will always be present in the world of business. Therefore, it’s important to understand your competitors and how you stand alongside them. Google Trends will display anything from peaks to the plummets of popularity. Stay on top of your standing so your business stays at the top!

Track Interest Over Time

Google Trends offers a feature where you can track search-terms over time. By utilizing this feature, you’ll be able to determine which trends are just a fad and which trends are here to stay. This can also give you a little insight as to how your business is doing over a certain time period. Make note of the highs and lows and consider what tactics resulted in those peaks.

Overall, marketing your brand really comes down to what your put into it. Google Trends is just a powerful tool to guide your journey to success.

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