Test Your Brand-New List Page

Test Your Brand-New List Page

Your SpreadShop is about to become more beautiful, more customer-friendly and faster. A completely revised list page is about to come to life, and that’s where you come in! We need you to tell us what’s hot and what’s not, so please take part in out beta test and make your opinion count. You’ll be first in line to see and test your Shop in its brand-new guise.

You can now access the beta (test) version of your Shop by replacing the URL element “shop” in front of .spreadshirt with “shopbeta” (i.e. shopbeta.spreadshirt.com/SpreadShop).

Please leave any feedback in the comment section below.

For the whole month of February, you can try out the beta version. We’re planning to release a revamped Shop view in the beginning of March.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Better performance and shorter loading times
  • Relevant search results and less empty searches/error pages
  • The size and colors options are visible under each product
  • Size and colors can be filtered from list page (introduction likely coming after the beta test)
  • Easy navigation thanks to Breadcrumbs
  • Improved ranking on Google and other search engines thanks to upgraded meta data and schema.org support
  • Social media integration with Open Graph protocols
  • Intuitive filtering on mobile devices

Shopowner with your own CSS?

We’re defining completely new CSS classes for the new list-page version, and it’s already in place in the beta version. Now, you can define separate “HTML & CSS“ styles in the CSS field of your extended Shop Settings, both for the current version and the beta version.

These new definitions may not work with your current CSS on the beta version’s list page. In this case, they will also not work in the upcoming version after the release. This may necessitate adjusting your layout ideas to the new classes.

Of course, we’ll respond to feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve the system throughout the beta phase. This means that the beta version may receive another overhaul by the time it goes live.

We’ll only be implementing changes through the first half of the month. To give you a chance to adopt to the changes, we’ll only do dramatic HTML and CSS changes in exceptional cases in the second half of the month. Otherwise, you’ll see relatively minor revamps during the latter half of February.

Shops tied in with JavaScript

Embedding with JavaScript is also possible with the beta version. Just create a new page in your webspace and copy over the embedded code. Now change the JavaScript code from shop.spreadshirt to shopbeta.spreadshirt  so that the beta version is completely embedded.

What’s next?

The new list page is a milestone on the path to the perfect SpreadShop.  We’ll keep improving the list page after the next release in early March, including improved filtering of colors and sizes.

What’s more, we’re already tackling the next challenge! Keep an eye out for a completely revised detail page that will be introduced with a future beta version.

Feedback on the list page will help us help you. Please drop any comments below! And thanks! ?

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  1. I must be missing something because my version is a hot mess. The color bar on the right side of the design page does not match up when I click, for example I’ll click green and red shows up. When I’m placing images on my shirts, sometimes half the image will disappear. Most frustratingly, I have no idea how to put things on my page. The only option that ever appears is cart. So designing is pointless unless plan on buying whatever I have designed at that moment.

    Granted, the last part may be user error but I seriously can’t find how to sell things in a shop. Thanks.

  2. Will this new version show up for shops who host their own website? I love the idea to show colors under the shirts. My only frustration is being able to sort the shirts in categories. For example, I like to put all my holiday shirts at the top of the pages. When the holiday is over, I prefer to put them at the bottom of the categories until the following year.
    ALSO, and this is a biggie… My designs have been copied a lot and being sold on other venues. It’s very frustrating, to say the least. I know this happens to other designers too. Can you please put a watermark over the designs, especially when people zoom over the images! It’s easy for anyone copy/paste. The watermark will be a deterrent to those who are not hackers. Thanks for all you do!! I love all my shirts 🙂

  3. I have been waiting for a better version since forever! 🙂 I am very satisfied with the improvements.
    I was a little annoyed by the fact that in the “Design View” (vs. Product View) there were no breadcrumbs and especially NO category drop downs visible (Men, Women, Kids&Babies, etc).

    1) I would love to see real people mockups in each products. People that go in the shop, besides seeing the picture of the product, should also be able to see HOW the items looks on when you wear it. That makes a huge difference in deciding to buy a product, when you can visually imagine in on a person thanks to the picture.
    Only few products have that. It would be great if you could integrate at least 1image on each product.

    2) When clicking on a category drop down from the main page, example: Men > All, why do only a few created shirt and accessories appear in that list instead of showing really ALL the ‘men items’ available in my shop?

    3) It is simply great to be able to see all available colors under the shirts. BUT, it would be awesome if we could manually eliminate certain color from certain products. Example: some of my designs have for instance a white background and can only go on dark shirts. It would be great to be able to pick the colors I want/need and skip those that don’t look good with my designs.

    And that’s all for now. I really appreciate your work. And I sincerely hope that you can fix at least points 1 and 2, which are very important to me.

    Ansonsten sieht es SUPER aus! Danke vielmals 😀

    • Thanks Viki for your valuable feedback.

      1) This is definitely something we already have thought about 🙂 For now some decisions still have to be made concerning this topic so I don’t think you’ll see a release any time soon I’m afraid. But we’re working on it!
      2) You should be seeing all product categories. Which ones are you missing?
      3) Yes, this is also a feature we’ve been wanting for a LONG time. Currently other things have a higher priority but this is definitely something that will be available (hopefully by the end of this year).


  4. After reflecting longer, I’m actually concerned about the prices being listed upfront. I know some people like the transparency, but by the nature of print-on-demand, the prices tend to be a bit higher than what people are expecting (from my experience so far), so there is something good about them having to click on the item to find out what it costs (psychological research demonstrates that the process builds some small level of commitment, and if they really like it they will then be motivated to rationalize the price). If they think it looks expensive before really looking more closely at it, we lose the sale.

    Is there any way that shop owners can have the option whether or not to show prices on the product list page?

    • Hi Scott,

      We will either give you the option to hide it or you can use a line of CSS to hide it. So, there will be an option to match your requirements.

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

  5. I like the changes so far. Only problem is I would like to be able to arrange my designs in the shop as I wish. Is this possible?

    • Hi there,

      We currently have two types of partners. One with the old and one with the new interface. For both types there is an option, but I would need to know your shopID to check which option is relevant for you.

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

  6. Great job re-writing the code so the shop loads quicker! I’d really love to see the ability to select the “grades” of shirt appears in my shop (basic, premium, American Apparel).

    While I think having the ability to offer different grades of t-shirts is great, but if I’d like to offer American Apparel t-shirts only as my brand of offering higher end products, I currently don’t have the option to do that today.

    • Hi David,

      From a shop perspective we can’t do this as the definition of what you want to offer in your shop is in the Partner Area. But I do know, that this team has this topic in the backlog.

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

  7. Love everything thank you for giving us a chance of creating, only thing i really hope you guys offer one day is to be able to print on the sides and back also .. thanks <3 !! keep up the good work

  8. IDEA ONE:

    I think giving us the option of which design we want to look at is awesome, but still leads to clutter.

    My Opinion: The Main Page Should Have several boxes… One w/ a picture of a shirt with our default design, Once you click on the shirt it will tell you to click on mens shirts, womens shirts or kids shirts etc then then click on a design you would like to see those shirts in… I would love to eliminate clutter of all the products in one page and categorize it in a way that wont frustrate people. So from the beginning we should have one box for shirts, one box for accessories, when they click the box that say accessories, a few boxes will pop up weather they want to look at mugs, aprons, caps and so on and then choose a design they want to see that product in… This is just an idea that I hope can work….

    IDEA 2: Can we have our own e-gift cards, I know you have one that can be used in spreadshirt, but if we want to give a egift card that can only be used in our shop with a special one time use for each gift card given by applying a code that would be amazing.
    Or Maybe We As Sellers can have a Give A Gift Button, we pay for it on our end, and on the shop there can be a Claim your Gift Button and they have to put their shipping info on it… With that option the item will be paid off and not have to worry about leaving a few dollars or needing to pay the extra like a gift certificate. 🙂

    IDEA 3 Choosing what colors of shirts we would want. Our Designs are not going to look great on all graphics especially for those that have vibrant designs, we want to avoid upsetting customers by providing great quality shirts that look like the pictures they see… I would love to get some shirts with the prints on them to see how it looks before advertising but cant afford to do that with all colors of the shirts, so having those options too would be a plus.

    Idea 4: I would love to see a sample receipt the customers get… In case I want to order them something, I would want to make sure they cant see my info.

    I can’t seem to think of anything else, other then that I know spreadshirt is awesome and has so much more to offer. 🙂

    I would love to advertise my shop more, but I need to make sure its not going to be hard to find a product and knowing they are going to get an amazing quality product… Thats why I want to choose my own color of shirts, because i know the color of fabric can make it look less vibrant, which is the opposite i want…

    Thank You for taking the time to read this! 🙂

  9. Looks OK to me, fresh & new without being so different that you can’t find stuff where you thought they were when you looked before…..

  10. I love the way it looks overall but my prices and product names rare overlapping so I can’t use my new beta page for customer use.

    • Hi JC,

      Thank you for the feedback. We will check your shop and investigate on the overlapping names and prices.
      Could you please send us your shop URL or shopID?

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

  11. I’ve liked the layout of your site since I started. Apart from the storefronts, I also find you have one of the best design setups (CafePress won’t even let you control position, just size of the image). The color-picker beneath the images is a wonderful functional addition! I’m hopeful about SEO enhancements, as I’ve yet to sell anything on Spreadshirt, even when the same items are selling on other POD sites.

    One thing I noticed is that the image on the pins seems to be centered based on the reflection on the pin (i.e. centered between the left edge of the pin and the place where the shine begins on the right), and not to the pin itself. It makes it look like the designs are improperly centered.

  12. I am loving the faster load time. That was immediately visible for me.

    Two things I would like to share my feedback on.

    1) The black background that is showing up by default on behind all t-shirts (maybe it’s just a beta thing) looks pretty terrible – especially if the main color I have selected to show in my shop’s front is black. (https://shopbeta.spreadshirt.com/TeacherTshirts/)

    2) Will the option remain for people to see the design on all related products below the current selected one? Is that still a shop by shop option to choose with this new list page? If it’s not available, I definitely don’t want to switch. I sell a lot more by offering different types of apparel with that option versus creating multiple versions myself.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    • Hi Leslie,

      the options of old and new page stay almost the same. We replaced the technology and updated some features (e.g. the navigation).
      For the “black background”. When visiting your shop I do not really see what you mean. Is it the border around the hovered product or do you see something else?
      Would it be possible for you to post us a link to a screenshot on some image hosting platform so that we can check in more detail?

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

  13. Hallo,

    ich hab’s mir gerade mal angschaut und finde es sehr harmonisch und übersichtlich. Macht Spaß drüberzunavigieren. Farben und Größen prima untergebracht.

    Auch die größere Darstellung der Proidukte auf Smartphone finde ich gut. Ich weiß nur nicht, ob dir User so viel “Geduld haben, sich alle Produkte untereinander anzuschauen.
    Zwei-Spalten Ansicht brachte mehr Übersicht auf einen Blick.

    Ich finde es aber, um ganz ehrlich zu sein, wesentlich wichtiger die alten Shop-Accounts auf den neuen Standard zu bringen. Die Einschränkungen im Sortierungs- und Kategorisierungsbereich sind mittlerweile so schwerwiegend, dass ich nicht mehr in der Lage bin, meinen Shop vernünftig zu administrieren und hält mich der Zeit davon ab, neue Designs hochzuladen.

    Das ist mindestens so ärgerlich wie schade, dass ich hier nicht mehr vernünftig arbeiten kann, obwohl die Schubladen mit Designs voll liegen.

    Das habe ich allerdings auch schon einige Male per Mail angemerkt.

    Vielleicht beschleunigt Ihr lieber erst einmal diesen Prozess.

    Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Tag Euch,

    • Hallo Tom,

      danke für dein Feedback. Es freut uns, dass unser Ziel, die Navigation zu verbessern positiv aufgenommen wird.
      In 2018 ist es auch unser Ziel, die alten Accounts in die “neue Welt” zu bekommen. Und zwar ohne großen Featureverlust. Dazu gibt es allerdings noch keinen genauen Zeitplan.

      Viele Grüße

  14. Great (growing) site spreadshop is, as long as they continue to do what they’re doing.

    Speed was something I’d say that can be improved, which is great that they are doing.

    Something that would extremely helpful is, when displaying the shirt in from the shop, they have models wearing it. This way the customer can get a clearer idea on how the apparel fits, for them to spend their money on.

    Also, although the apparel is great quality, it would be much more attracting for customers to see more “printed design” apparel, such as the camo shirt and speckled sweater spreadshop currently owns. This will show a variety (instead of just solid colored shirts) , as customers also like to shop the design/pattern of the apparel. People definitely ask me for more design shirts similar to the camo and the speckled sweater. They love it. Just need a bit more of it.

    I love the color options beneath the shirts. Something to make it even better is, when the customer clicks on a different color he/she prefers, the graphic or text on the shirt also changes colors, whatever the shop owner sets it to. For example, if I have black text on a white shirt in my shop but the customer wants the shirt, only in color black.. Well, although we have that option , the customer still won’t want it because the text is also color black, and it won’t be as visible since it would be black on black.

    Other than that, everything’s great. The suggestions are based on myself, my friends, and other customers feedback when I ask them what can make the shop better for returning customers.

    I haven’t gone “fully” public with my shop yet, but plan to. People like the concept of my shop and believe it can make it difference with the concept it possesses. I hope the brilliant spreadshop continues to stay up to date so I can stick with them for a while.

    Extra note. Spreadshop service team is an A+++++ (Love them)

    • Hi Tommy,

      Thank you for your feedback on the beta and on the customer service.
      “Model Images” is something we have on the agenda but is suprisingly complex when checking with all the shop use cases. A shop for e.g. “Death Metal” vs. a shop for e.g. “Unicorn Designs” has way different requirements for model images. This is why this project will take a while.

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

  15. Looks great. If only you were able to fix it so that we can put our merchandise in an exact and precise order. I have reached out to your team on numerous occasions and they always say that I can yet it never works. I follow all steps correctly, but it never puts it in the correct order.

    • Hi Brian,

      I’ll check your shop next week to take a deeper look in the sorting issue!

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

    • Hi Brian,

      our synch process was broken. I resynched your shop and now it should work like a charm.
      On a first glance, the sorting in backend and frontend match.


  16. Rather than have mens/womens categories in the left menu, the shopfront would look much cleaner if the m/w option was given after selecting the design. (Eg. Choose colour, size, m/w etc)
    Right now all designs are doubled on my shopfront because of this.
    I’d really like more customization with the menus.

    • Hi Ami,

      Could you please post a link to your shop? I would love to check the details on this topic.

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

  17. I email this company about being able to print on the back of the garments and they send me a link that has nothing to do with my complaint! Its been taking them over a year to add this into the stores. I think im done with spreadshirt! I will be taking my designs to other sites to sell. They have trash customer service!

    • Hey Andre,

      Not sure what you are talking about but I’m happy to help 🙂
      Can you send me your UserID or your shop URL so I can have a look at what it is that is bothering you exactly?


  18. I like the revamped (beta) shop design. Among other improvements, mouse-over bubble design looks much better. The current one looks bit outdated in overall style of the box with a oversized red price tag.

  19. I believe this new version causes my page to look a little too cluttered. I like the clean look of the current page arrangement.

    • Hi there,

      Could you please post a link to your shop? With the thousand version of integrations we anticipated, that some integrations might break.
      If we could check your setup, we can review this use case.

      Kind regards

  20. It is great to see the titles with the previews, that’s a big improvement, especially for my designs, because it may not be obvious what they are without the title (visit http://www.PrimeMeTee.com to see what I mean).

    On the product page, I like seeing the colors, though I agree that it really would be nice if I could disable some options for some designs. What is less clear is the “+” symbol next to the colors, and I wonder if it is better to just list all of the colors even if you need two rows for some products.

    I would suggest moving the “filters” part from the top to along the left, under the categories, or simplifying this. It’s not really helpful to think about clicking on a design, and seeing products with that design, as a filter… it’s the design I selected. That is redundant with the title at the top of the page. Clicking on Men and then T-shirts, on the other hand, is a filter, and that’s not showing up as one. I’m also not sure why there is an “X” and “reset filters” if that’s the only filter showing up, but maybe that will make more sense when there are several active filters and you want to delete one or “clear all.”

    What is still missing is the description (“design details”), and perhaps that’s part of your future plans, but I’d like to see the brief description of the design across the top of the page with all of the products one you select a design, since in many cases that is important context that you’ve asked designers to provide, but it’s buried at the bottom of the page after you’ve clicked on a specific product.

    Thanks for inviting feedback, happy to provide more detailed comments if that would be helpful.

    • Hi Scott,

      Your feedback is amazingly helpful. We build the different approach on the design for shops like yours.
      The descriptions and filters are topics we needed more of your feedback to get it finalized.
      We do not yet know if and what we will change yet, but it is on the agenda!

      Kind regards

  21. First glance, it has a friendly interface. Easy-to-understand and navigate. Definitely moving in the right direction. As a completely new starter here at SpreadShirt, it may take me a while to learn the ropes, but I am encouraged by the new interface.

  22. Looks nice and clean, simple easy to figure out.

    My concern (and the main reason I would like to leave CafePress) is how strong the SEO is. I’ve noticed that almost none of my CP items show up on Google searches. Before migrate my 50+ designs to SS, I hope this is being addressed.

    • Thank you for your feedback.
      We improved and will continue to improve our approach towards SEO. As all shops are under one domain, this is unfortunately not as easy as we hope it to be. We are closely looking at the rankins and expect an uplift once this is live.

      The Shop Team

  23. We need to be able to have designs on both sides. I have people who would like pocket logo on front and large graphic on back on tees. When will that be happening. Losing business to others

    • Thank you for your feedback.
      Your requests are in our backlog and are about to come this year. There is no timeline I can communicate right now, though.

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

  24. Its been cleaned up a little and thats great but I still can’t easily sort my categories, that ability was taken away 🙁 The only way is to sort the entire site alphabetically which in turn sorts the categories. The problem, I have 4088 products….

    So my take is that the update makes some minor cosmetic changes but adds nothing really useable to the shop owner.

    • Hi J Haynes,

      Yes, we “ony” cleaned up on first sight. But we actually replaced the entire code beneath.
      More changes that will mitigate the reported issues will come!

      Kind regards
      The Shop Team

    • I like that the colors are now underneath each shirt style. However, I can not sort the shirts in my categories, which makes it hard for the customer when looking for a specific design and the styles it is available in.

  25. I really like that the new version so the visitor can see the designs on a particular item and that its reads “X products available in this design”. Before it would show only a square design or would show every single item per design and it was hard for the customer to see that there are other designs.

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