Year in Review, Year to Preview

Year in Review, Year to Preview

New Year’s is a time for reflection, but it’s also a time to look forward. As we wrap up the year, we’re going to take a look back at 2017 and a look towards 2018…

2017 in Review

Partner Area

We provided you with a host of notable changes that will improve your entire experience. For starters, you’ll notice improved flexibility when it comes to creating products, as we have gotten rid of collections. Furthermore, you can now manage multiple designs at once, and you can also select a default color for multiple products.

That wasn’t the only change. We also updated the Partner App, leading to a brand-new overview page and a revamped revenue page. This allows you to view necessary information lickety-split.


While we were all thrilled with the continued development of Spreadshop, that didn’t stop us from improving the overall performance. You can capitalize on the ability to easily connect any social media accounts to your shop, leading to seamless compatibility. Meanwhile, customers will enjoy the opportunity to view shops in multiple languages and currencies, while the simplified tracking option made it easier to analyze customer data.


Similarly, the Marketplace saw some noticeable changes in 2017. We launched a “T-shirt of the Week” campaign, where you have the opportunity to boost your sales if your design is selected. We also included watermarks on all of your designs and images, vicariously adding some protection from online thieves. Finally, the Designer Showroom was improved, with the new-and-improved, intuitive design benefiting both you and customers.

2018 in “Preview”

Partner Area

Similar to 2017, the Partner Area will continue to see some major changes in 2018. We are focused on providing you with the utmost control over the creation of their individual creations, leading to an optimal designing experience. Similarly, we’ll be looking to improve the accompanying statistics page, making it easier to monitor essential information. Finally, Spreadshirt will start migrating our tenured partners from the old user area to the new partner area, allowing them to take advantage of all these benefits.


The SpreadShop should also see a handful of changes in 2018, including improvements to the list page and details page. Furthermore, we’ll finally be introducing the option to categorize your designs into collections. We’ll also be unveiling a new start page, leading to easier and quicker navigation.

Of course, we will continue to provide you with any updates, and you can expect consistent tips via our bimonthly “Shop of the Month” feature.


You’ll see an assortment of improvements to the Marketplace showroom in 2018, including a brand-new search bar, custom sorting, and the ability to “hide” products and designs. Spreadshirt is also focused on providing more visibility to our Marketplace designers on various list pages, and we’ll be introducing a monthly design contest (with the first one starting on January 10th).

New Year’s Resolution: Never Be Content

Holy cow… that was a lot to take in, right? There were clearly a lot of changes to Spreadshirt in 2017, and we can all look forward to the impending revisions and improvements coming in 2018. In other words, hold on to our hats… it’s going to be another wild year!

Were you happy with the changes in 2017? Is there anything you’d like to see in the upcoming 12 months? Perhaps there’s something you’re particularly looking forward to, or maybe you’re a bit tentative about a specific change. Give us a shout in the comment section!

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Zack Drowzy
6 years ago

Hello, id love to see printable hats with PNG files, and a more variety of clothing to print on. i see alot of things that arent able to be print on. I’d also love to have codes yearly long that give customers a percent off to every partner with a shop. i feel as if hats and backpacks had designs on them it might spark a huge world wide sale.

6 years ago

Hello! Is it possible to connect my Spreadshirt store or one of my products to “share a sale” or other affiliate network site? I’d like this feature, I’m bad at sales, I need sales partners

Amera Yaw
6 years ago

Thank You New Year

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