Three Exciting Features Coming to Your Shop

Three Exciting Features Coming to Your Shop

Customers now have three more reasons to love your Shop. We’re rolling out three new updates to your Spreadshop, and we’re confident these changes will help to improve conversions and sales. Moreover, due to the European GDPR, we need to adjust a few things in your Shop and Shop admin. Take a look at what’s being added to your Shop:

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are vital in the eCommerce world, and you’ll now have the ability to provide this information in your Shop. 90% of consumers read online reviews, and 88% of customers say they trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations. In other words, these product reviews could provide that extra bit of buying persuasion.

Please keep in mind that the reviews are just about the products, not the designs. These are generated by Spreadshirt Marketplace customers who fill out our short feedback page.

Highlight “New” Products

Do you have a cool new design or product that you’re excited to showcase? This is now incredibly easy, as these products will be accompanied by a “new” badge. This addition won’t only make it easier for customers to find your newest offerings. These badges are also an effective way of getting a customer to make quicker purchases, and they’ll also efficiently and creatively educate any visitors. Best of all, these “new” badges can increase conversion rates on e-commerce websites, so there’s a clear and tangible benefit.

Model Photos

Sometimes, a picture of a product just isn’t alluring enough for customers. They need to see the goods in action, and that will be more than possible thanks to our model images. Now, you can choose to display their designs and products on specific models. This feature will let you showcase your products in interesting and flattering ways, and it will allow the customer to see what the merchandise looks like on a real person. Generally, sellers believe models bring character and life to their products, and this could be the extra edge you need over your competitors.

Please keep in mind that we’ll continue to add model images to our product range, and we assure that the available options will be diverse.

Activating/Deactivating Changes

Upon their release, the “customer feedback” and “highlight new products” functions will automatically be switched “on.” Meanwhile, the “model photos” will be switched “off.” If you want to activate or deactivate any of these features, follow the steps below:

  • Customer Feedback: Edit > Product Detail Page > Customer Feedback
  • Highlight New Products: Edit > General > Highlight New Products
  • Model Photos: Edit > General > Model Photos

GDPR, and What It Means for Your Shop

We previously discussed the European GDPR in this blogpost, but we want to inform you about the need to add cookie banners in your Shop (we are obliged by law to do so). These banners will inform customers about the usage of cookies and similar tech, and they cannot be deactivated. Please be aware that the cookie banner will also show up in integrated Shops, even if your website has its own cookie banner.

Furthermore, we need to remove the ability to add “Other Analytics Tools” in your “Advanced Settings.” Lastly, if your customers do not want to be tracked, they will now have the ability to opt out of this function in the Shop’s footer. We thank you for your understanding as we implement these various changes.

What’s Next?

It’s time to go check out these new features for yourself! If you like what you see, leave us a comment below! Next up: Shop Collections and a Shop Homepage! Stay tuned!

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5 years ago

Hi! Is it still not possible to only make your design available on a few colors? I don’t want my brand logo seen on a T-shirt with no contrast or placed weird. I wrote you a couple of years ago and I was told that it will be possible to control the designs in the future and avoid customers buying custom-made shirts that does not fit your design concept…

6 years ago

I am interested in doing this

Janina Lamb
Janina Lamb
6 years ago

Will it be possible to use one’s own model pics?

6 years ago
Reply to  Janina Lamb

Hi Janina,
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I doubt that we will introduce this feature.

6 years ago

That would be nice to add a simple “buy it now” button or flashy/sparkling “buy 2 and get 10% off today only” next to every positive review. I’ve never seen this anywhere. That’d be very convenient.

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