Spreadshop Tools: Flickr

Spreadshop Tools: Flickr

One of the most challenging aspects of running a Spreadshop is finding creative, eye-catching promotional images. Well, it’s time to take the stress out of promoting. We’re focused on making your selling experience a whole lot easier, we’ve compiled hundreds of promotional images on our Flickr account.

Our Flickr account is crammed full with more than 1,000 different photos, each highlighting different products and models. These high-quality images can be used however you see fit, whether they’re going on social media or a separate website.

Best of all, they’re free! Instead of hiring a photographer or spending hours putting together your own promo photos, you can dive into our Flickr account and find an image in seconds.

To snag one of these promo photos, simply visit our Flickr account. Once you’ve landed on the perfect image, click the download button, choose the proper size… and that’s it! It’s truly that easy.

Find Promo Images

Visit our Flickr account and see the images for yourself. Make sure you head back here and let us know what you think!

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  1. OK thanks a lot for that information how about if we sign up for Placeit through your Spreadshirt platform will we be able to add the model pictures to the product image pics thanks much??

    • Hi Kim,

      No, Placeit is currently also just for Images for Advertising on Social Media, etc.
      But you can switch on our Model Images (which currently already exist for a number of products) under General > Model Images (at the bottom left).

      Hope this helps,

  2. This is really cool with the promo photos but how do you upload it to the product pics with the design you created? That’s what I’m am having problems with but this is a really cool idea pretty awesome!

    • Hi Kim,

      You cannot use the pictures as product images in your shop itself but you can use them for all things related to the promotion of your shop. You can also use them as a collage in the teaser image of your start page for example.


  3. This is really great and should be a win win for everyone. Models with specific Spreadshirt products should help everyone sell more. I signed up with Flickr and will be taking advantage of the free mock-ups. Thank you!


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