We’re Revamping Your Spreadshop Header

We’re Revamping Your Spreadshop Header

The new Spreadshop homepage was just the beginning. Next week, we will be revamping the header area, giving you more possibilities to customize your Spreadshop.

You need to effectively target your Shop’s visitors, and this will be possible thanks to our new header, which is set to launch next week. The header is going to get smaller and smarter. “Less is more”, especially online, and you can better take advantage of your start page’s custom teaser and product preview with a smaller header area.

What will change?

The old header graphic will be replaced by a logo area with a maximum of 380×68 pixels. You’ll now be able to upload your own logo or display your Spreadshop name as text. In the next few months, you’ll be able to further customize your Shop name. At that point, you’ll get a choice of different fonts and sizes. This revamp will make the “Shop” in the header a bit irrelevant, so we’ll be removing it. The “Create” option will stick around, but it will appear to the right of your product categories or topics.

What do I need to know?

There’s no technical way to keep and retain your header graphics, so they’ll be removed following the introduction of the new logo area. If you still want to use this header, make sure you save the graphic(s) ASAP.

You’ll still be able to use your header graphic on your Spreadshop start page (as a teaser graphic). This will help your customers recognize your Shop.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s best to activate our new Spreadshop homepage before the launch of the new header. After all, why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on all the advantages?

Does adjusting the settings help my Spreadshop?

Of course! Your admin area’s menu will be adjusted, and you’ll find it in the “Page Settings” area after the launch. Under the new “Header Settings” tab, you can set up social media icons and a search field function. The previous “Header & Colors” menu will be split; the settings for “Colors” can be found under “General”.

Last but not least, we’re providing two new features for anyone who’s integrated their Spreadshop with a website. Under “Advanced Settings > Embed Shop in Website”, you can activate a burger menu for the mobile view of your Shop (you can also switch to a Swipe menu). This is also where you’ll be able to deactivate your header’s logo.

Graphics and background images that you’ve added via “Advanced Settings > HTML & CSS” will be kept. Please note that once the new header has launched, you will no longer be able to exchange these images.

Do you have any questions about the changes? Do you have any other graphics or background elements that you’d like to adapt to your Shop? Let us know in the comments.

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    • Can you please post the link in question here so we can have a look at the problem you are describing.

  1. Put Romania in your data bases of partner. Is very important. You are a big important company, that can afford this. I am pretty sure is in your business interest. Thank you!

  2. Excuse me I have a question, Im a programmer and there are definitely ways to keep the current header graphic dunno what dev told management this but he is lying (and lazy). Why not keep it?

    You can
    a) use an opt-in approach (like reddit)
    b) have both options, either use logo/text or header graphic
    c) have it display as header background with a transparent color overlay

    If the problem is the graphics are being moved to another server and the future server will not have much space for user graphics you can use a CDN service (talk to imgur they’ll do it for a link back )

    • Hi Chris,

      No need to say you’re a programmer, we also listen to feedback and answer questions from our shop owners that aren’t developers 😉 I’m not sure you read the blogpost correctly 🙂 Either way, we’re updating the header section from the end of next week onwards leaving you with more choice on what to display in the header section (graphic vs. text). Of course there are ways to keep the graphics but as you surely know having a mass of data stored quickly becomes pricey. Moreover, the data we analysed showed that many people uploaded a header graphic that was way to big and made the conversion rate drop. We also received feedback over the last years that this entire section was in dire need of a revamp. Moreover, with the latest release of the startpage (and the ability to have a teaser section), the header section became redundant. We therefore encourage you to download the graphic you are currently using in your header and rather use it as the teaser graphic for your start page. Let me know if you have any further questions.


  3. A long time ago, maybe over a year, the way our sites were designed were by us – the shop owner. I remember it took me maybe two days to design my site the way I wanted to with my custom logo, my own color is. And then you changed it into a generic design. My site on mobile doesn’t even have the name of my shop at the top. I wish we can go back to our Custom Design shop. All I know is I’m not doing it all over again. I know these improvements are supposed to help shop owners but I don’t like having a generic site design like everyone else’s. Thank you for reading.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your feedback. You’ve never had as much choice for customization in your shop (so it doesn’t look like any other shop) as now! Especially with the most recent release of the startpage 🙂
      I can understand your frustration but in the e-commerce world we need to stay up to date. Plus, I promise you that updating your shop will definitely not take two days. We’d be happy if you give this a chance.


    • We’re currently in a planning phase. As soon as there is a timeline in place we will let you know 🙂

  4. Does this mean I need to replace the header images on my stores with smaller ones? If so, it will be a step backward for viewing the store on a desktop computer….

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