Spreadshop Tools: Ripl

Spreadshop Tools: Ripl

It’s time to reach more customers. If you want to guide buyers to your Shop via social media, it’s a great idea to take advantage of Ripl, where you can create, manage, and analyze your content. Best of all, it’s free!

Social media is a great way to engage (and ultimately sell to) potential customers. Of course, this is easier said that done, as few individuals have the marketing expertise to create eye-catching advertisements.

That’s where Ripl comes in. Shop owners can rely on the service’s customizable templates to create animated posts for their social media accounts. You can post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. on Ripl, and you can schedule posts for when you’re away from your computer. Perhaps most importantly, you can use Ripl’s tools to track the success of your ads. With a number of accompanying guides and tutorials to help you maximize your efforts, you’ll realize the benefits of Ripl in no time.

Ripl is clearly committed to helping you optimize your social media marketing, and that’s why they’re offering Shop owners a 10% discount on their Ripl Pro service. Alternatively, you can opt for their free basic plan. Either way, Ripl will complement your marketing efforts, increasing the chance that you make a sale.

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