Spreadshop Tools: Linktree

Spreadshop Tools: Linktree

If you’re looking to make sales via your Instagram, you’ll need to optimize your profile. Linktree will help, as they can guide customers directly to your store and to other important, relevant sites.

Instagram is more than a site where you can display your photos and designs. It also provides an opportunity to lead followers directly to your online store.

Well, Linktree is the perfect tool if you’re looking to monetize your Instagram profile. Simply, the site will provide you with a unique URL that you can add to your Instagram profile. When visitors click this link, they’ll be guided to a site that lists all of your relevant URLs. It’s as easy as that.

Specifically, Linktree provides several advantages:

  • One bio link: a one-stop hub for all of your recent content
  • Multiple destinations: guide customers to your store, blogs, events, wherever!
  • Easily manageable: simply paste in a URL, then reorganize the order

Best of all: it’s free. So head over to Linktree today and get started!

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