Introducing Yourself – the Right Way

Introducing Yourself – the Right Way

Customers and followers who want to find out more about you can do so by clicking on the “About Us” link in the footer section of your Shop. This new feature will go a long way in terms of customer connectivity.

What’s new?

A totally revamped and extended “About Us” section allows you to better present yourself and your ideas. Show the visitors of your Shop what makes you and your brand special by adding text, up to four photos and a video clip. Presenting your story, mission and vision in a personalized way is bound to turn first-time visitors into loyal customers.

What can I do to tell my story?

You’ll always sell a story with your Spreadshop. This is what distinguishes you from online sellers of run-of-the-mill goods. Seize the chance and put an emphasis on the things that separate you from the pack. The “About us” section provides a perfect opportunity to promote yourself and the things that make you special.

A few tips to help customize your “About Us” page:

  • Why did you open your Spreadshop? Make your customers curious with a behind-the-scenes look. Introduce yourself to your peers.
  • What’s your Shop’s goal or mission? What signifies your relationship with your customers? Address your target group directly to help spark a conversation.
  • Give your Shop a face, and introduce yourself or your team with a few expressive photos.
  • Be convincing and authentic – use the opportunity to tie in a video clip.

All the content of the “About Us” section can be customized the way you want. Phrase your own headline and personalize a button that takes your followers and customers to a Shop category of your choice. Add up to four photos with a resolution of 664×400 pixels and a size of 400KB. Write up to 5,000 characters for your own text (about 300 words). Write a mission statement to summarize your goals in a nutshell. And remember that the “About us” page is used by Google and other search engines to boost your ranking. You can even integrate video clips from Youtube, Vimeo and Twitch!

Have your say!

We’re all stoked about this new feature – are you? What do you like? What other elements do you want to see on the “About us” page? Let us know in the comments or contribute to the discussion about this new feature in our forum!

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Suresh chand
3 years ago

Very good

3 years ago
Reply to  Suresh chand

Thanks Suresh! Are you using the about section on your shop? If so, link your Spreadshop here!

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