Want Your Spreadshop to Take Over the World? Here’s How.

Want Your Spreadshop to Take Over the World? Here’s How.

Ready to expand your Shop’s horizons? Already have Shops on 2 platforms and want to connect them? We explain how.

With Spreadshop, the world is your oyster. However, due to legal and technical restrictions we have to operate on two different platforms: one in North America (shop.spreadshirt.com) and one in Europe (shop.spreadshirt.net + all European web addresses like .de or .fr).

Customers all over the world can buy from your Shop regardless of the platform. However, if a customer from North America orders from your European shop, production and shipping will take place from Europe. The delivery costs increase accordingly and, in the worst case, your customer also has to pay import fees. On top of that, customers generally prefer to shop in their own language and currency. More and more customers also want to know where their products are made. “Printed in the US” or “Printed in the EU” are real selling points for locals.

Especially if your Shop serves international themes and customers, it’s important to offer your products on both platforms. In order for customers to find the right Shop, you have to link your Shops with each other. Your customers will then automatically be redirected to the right Shop depending on their location.

How to link your Shops

If you don’t have a Shop on our European platform yet, opening one is your first step. Once it’s open, log in to the Shop you want to link and then click: Edit Shop > Advanced > Language & Currency (Shop Settings > Advanced > Language & Currency). Once there, activate the button “Link North American Shop” or “Link European Shop”.

In case you can’t activate the “Link shop” button, try clicking “Activate all languages” first.

Unfortunately, you can’t stock Shops on different platforms at the same time. If you run a Shop on both platforms, you will have to upload your designs twice, create products and configure all other settings. The extra effort is worth it if your designs are in international demand. With two Shops, you can also better address your target groups, adjust your marketing and concentrate on products that are particularly popular in the respective regions.

Have you already linked your US and EU shops? Do you receive many orders in your EU Shop and are there big differences in your Shops’ designs and products? Tell us in the comments!

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Douglas john
Douglas john
1 year ago


1 year ago

Hi Spreadshop Team,

With reference to Shop ID 100637037, I’ve just been looking through the many useful tips and tools. Discovered the article on the advantages and process for serving both the European and American markets.

Having followed the instructions, please could you confirm that TeGeBe has been configured correctly? If not then any advice really appreciated. Secondly, if they are linked I noted the section highlighting the need to upload products separately. If I choose ‘shop’ in my dashboard I’m directed to https://partner.spreadshirt.co.uk/shop-area/100637037, this is obviously the UK version, please let me know how I access and administer the North American version?

Many thanks as I’m seeing some incredible interest due to recent marketing activity and obviously don’t want potential customers to have any logistical or financial issues.

Best regards,

Lena(@Lena Reth)
1 year ago
Reply to  Shaun

Hi Shaun,

Sorry for only getting back to you now. It all looks good. You can access your North American Partner Area through this link: https://partner.spreadshirt.com/login and then select your shop.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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