Facebook’s big spring clean

Facebook’s big spring clean

In the coming weeks, Facebook is giving their user interface a facelift. Find out what this means for your Shop on Facebook.

In April 2019, Mark Zuckerberg announced a complete redesign of the Facebook app and the Facebook Desktop website. Now the new desktop view is in the starting phase and a beta version can already be tested by some users. We took a look at the changes we know about so far to give you a preview of what you might be facing as a Shop Owner using the Facebook product feed.

Rest assured that we’re keeping an eye on the compatibility of our Spreadshop features with the new FB interface to ensure a smooth transition.

What will (probably) change?

It looks like the current three-column design of the Facebook pages with page menu, timeline and info area will become a two-column design. The Page menu will move below the profile picture and the profile picture will move above the cover photo. Furthermore, the menu will be more spartan in the future, hiding some items behind a “More” button. The username will disappear, and the logo will appear in the new page category. According to this fundamental reorganization of the Facebook page, all further page elements will also use this two-column design. All in all, the desktop view will look much cleaner and tidier.

What will (probably) change for groups?

Due to the redesign, groups will look more like Pages.  The About area will move to the right side of the page, the posts to the left.  Furthermore, it seems there will be more space for menu items.  One nice added touch: The admin functions will have a prominent place in an extra sidebar on the left rather than being scattered over various submenu items.

What does that (probably) mean for me?

From experience, we know from earlier Facebook redesigns that a lot could change on the subpages, like the Shop section.  Changes to the user interface can lead to individual features not working normally— even after the beta phase.  We’re keeping an eye on this so we can react promptly by adapting our help pages or optimizing our product feed.  If you see any error messages, you can report them using Facebook’s feedback button.

All other sales channels belonging to Facebook, such as Instagram, won’t be affected and should continue to function as usual.

Do you have any more inside information about the Facebook redesign or any burning questions?  Let us know in the comments. 

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