Doodle Dad: March Shop of the Month

Doodle Dad: March Shop of the Month

This is one creative dad! Get behind the scenes of Doodashirts’s wacky monster designs.

Hi, Doodashirts! Your Spreadshop name, Instagram and Facebook page say it loud and clear: you like to doodle! Just how much of a passion is drawing for you, and where did it all begin?

I guess I have always been scribbling and doodling, in schoolbooks, on papers, during meetings…

But the thing with doodles is that they always disappear, they are just temporary drawings. So, one day I got myself some black pens and a small sketchbook and I decided to draw a doodle every day for a year.  My sons had an Instagram account and we challenged each other to get more than 100 followers. They were posting pictures of their pets, and I was posting my daily doodle at @doodling_dad.

So, how did you find out about Spreadshop and why did you decide to join our community?

So when I got to 100 followers, my youngest son said: “Dad, if you can get 200 followers then I want a t-shirt with one of your doodles”… and so it happened 🙂
I was looking at all kinds of sites that offered T-shirt printing and Spreadshop was the one that offered the best for my needs.

Well, we’re happy to have you! From the first spark of inspiration to a new product in your Shop – how does it work for you?

It all starts with a doodle. I don’t really think it over, I just start drawing. Sometimes it looks really cool and sometimes it doesn’t. There are almost 600 drawings on my Instagram. When I think it would look cool on a shirt, I upload the design to my shop. Or sometimes people see a nice drawing that they like, and they send me a request and then I’ll put it on a shirt. I can’t really draw on-demand, so they are just weird creations from my brain. One time a colleague asked me to draw a skull with a beard and an eyepatch, and now that design is the most popular in my Shop.

A wise man once said that “propaganda isn’t looking for an answer, but for an echo”. What’s the feedback you get from your customers and followers?

It’s still all positive 🙂 Some people find my doodles too weird, but that’s the fun part for me 🙂

Is it difficult to spread the word? How do you make people aware of your Spreadshop?

Yes, I still find it difficult to lure more people to the Shop, I use my Instagram account and my girlfriend started a Facebook page to promote the Shop.

20% korting op alle artikelen van 12 tot 14

Posted by Doodashirts on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Any ambitious plans or goals for 2020? What’s in your pipeline?

I’m going to keep on doodling 🙂 I have some ideas in my head for shirts based on my other hobby, nature photography.

Any advice for aspiring designers who find it hard to sell their gear?

Do your own thing… just keep following your own ideas and believe in yourself.

Famous last words?

Forget the rules! If you like it, do it!

Cool! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to check out Doodashirt’s Shop, Facebook and Instagram!

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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
2 months ago

Your unique designs are a breath of fresh air. It is amazing to see how your doodles have transformed into such popular pieces in your shop.
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