How to Use Your Shop for A Good Cause

How to Use Your Shop for A Good Cause

With your Spreadshop, you can easily raise money for a good cause and increase awareness of your brand.

Your Spreadshop is a professional way to market your brand and sell merchandise that is designed to excite. You can also use it as a tool to draw attention to your charitable or social commitments. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, let us show you what you can achieve with Spreadshop.

Raise Awareness

Is your cause lacking a strong public presence? Your Spreadshop can be used to help raise awareness for your cause.

For example, T1International is a non-governmental organization that supports people affected by Type 1 Diabetes around the world. T1International uses Spreadshop to promote their cause. They offer a wide variety of products –at no financial expense to them.

“We were asked by our community if we could offer clothing and accessories. People wanted to donate something at the same time and use the clothes to promote the name of our organisation and our work. As a relatively small organization with a limited budget, we couldn’t just place a bulk order of T-shirts and hope that they would sell. So Spreadshop’s print-on-demand model was perfect for us!”

Raise Funds

Social commitment, campaigns, websites, and charity events require a lot of time— and money. Your shop can be a wonderful addition to your normal fundraising tactics. Through Spreadshop, your biggest cheerleaders can buy merchandise to donate money AND wear your shirt to show their support.

“People all over the world shop with us. Most supporters either have Type 1 Diabetes themselves, have family and friends affected by it, or work for the cause.”

Push Limited-Edition Campaigns

Even if you only run a campaign for a limited time, your Shop is perfectly suited for it. Offering a featured design for a limited period of time may be worth considering. Your Spreadshop design will only be printed if a supporter of your cause orders it.

You can prominently display your campaign designs on your Spreadshop homepage using the different themes in your shop.

“We have a campaign called #insulin4all. We show it on our website, on social media and use it on our informational material. In our shop, we offer a product line with a design that uses the hashtag. This has allowed us to improve the understanding of this topic and the hashtag: We want a world where insulin is accessible and affordable to all.”

Using Spreadshirts Services

Do you want to order more than 100 products with the same design (front and back) e.g. to equip your team or sell your shirts offline? You can do this by using the Spreadshirt bulk ordering service.

Spreadshirt wholesale service benefits:

  • larger product selection
  • more print types
  • lower product price

Do you already have new ideas for your next campaign? Then use your shop to bring your message to the world and help your organization raise funds!

If you have any questions, you can ask them right here or in the Spreadshop Forum. There, you can meet other activists and organisations to exchange ideas.

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