Spreadshop March 31st COVID-19 Update

Spreadshop March 31st COVID-19 Update

As of today, we’re happy to announce that certain products temporarily marked as “out of stock” will be available in your Shops once again.

Last week, certain products were marked as “out of stock” for all .com, .ca and.co.au Shops. This was due to limited production capacities caused by COVID-19 regulations. As we’ve all begun to adjust to a new normal, we have been able to improve our production capacities to accommodate the current situation and guidelines.

The following products are now available again:

What happens next?

If you already had the products listed above in your Shop before they were marked as “out of stock” everything should go back to normal. You don’t have to adjust anything. If you’d like to add these products to your Shop, you can do so now.

Our production is still running at a lower than normal capacity, this allows us to follow the safety regulations and guidelines from the CDC. You can read more about that here.

Because our production is still unable to accommodate as many orders as normal, promotions will remain deactivated for the time being. We encourage you to see if the products listed above will impact any of your external marketing efforts.

In other news, yesterday, we had an inspector from the United States government visit our factory in Henderson, Nevada. They gave us the go-ahead to continue manufacturing.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on any new developments and changes regarding your Shop. Until then, stay healthy!

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