Plan your Sale Now

Plan your Sale Now

We temporarily deactivated the Shop promotions feature because our factories were running in limited capacities due to COVID-19. We’re happy to say that we’ve been able to increase our output while keeping our employees safe. That means you can start running a promotion in your Shop!

We’ve kept you up to date on our blog on how COVID-19 has been affecting our production facilities. It’s been a bumpy ride for our US production facilities and that has certainly affected the ability for .com, and .ca Shops to run promotions for their customers. But we’ve now been able to safely scale up our production and increase capacities. That also means we can allow Shops to run a discount again! You can now plan an upcoming 15% off everything promotions under Shop Settings > Prices & Promos > Promos.

Default run time for the promotion is:

April 29th – April 30th

You can also choose to start the promo a bit earlier or up to 30 days after the default run time. If we see that our factories are handling the additional orders well, we will add even more promotions in the future. Be sure to market this promotion to your customers and good luck!

For all European platform shops the schedule remains as communicated here.

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