Introducing: Shop Show

Introducing: Shop Show

Virtual drumroll please, the show’s about to start… In a new YouTube series, Spreadshop experts will be reviewing and showcasing different Spreadshops!

What is Shop Show?

With our new YouTube series, you can see how other Shop Owners use Spreadshop. From tips and tricks to solid inspiration—you won’t want to miss any of our Shop reviews!

Each video will feature one Shop. The Shop will be rated out of five ‘heart points.’ When a Shop is rated four or more heart points, we’ll buy merch live on the show!

“We wanted to find a way to celebrate some of our existing Shop Owners while inspiring new people to try Spreadshop as well,” said D.J. Coffman, producer of Shop Show. “We really do believe there’s a Spreadshop for everyone and it’s fun to go through the Shops every week and find so many different kinds! From podcasters and bloggers, to cartoonists and non-profit organizations.”

Here’s the criteria we use to rate a Shop…

  • Start page and first impressions: Does the start page reflect the brand? What has been done to customize the Shop template?
  • Design review: Are there two or more designs in the Shop? Do they appeal to the desired audience?
  • Product range: Which products are featured? Is the selection a nice variety and curated? Do the products complement the style of the Shop?
  • About us section: Where can we learn more about the Shop and overall mission?
  • Social media and promos: Are social accounts linked to the Shop? Is the merch promoted regularly?

How to get your Shop featured

Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe! We’ll let you know how to get your Shop featured at the end of every Shop Show video. (Tip: To increase the likelihood of getting featured, make sure your Shop is up to date with the Shop Show criteria above).

Watch an episode of Shop Show and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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