New Basic T-Shirt Manufacturer (Europe)

New Basic T-Shirt Manufacturer (Europe)

We’ve changed the manufacturer of the Men‘s and Women’s T-Shirt. Find out how this influences your Shop assortment and learn about color changes.

Why the new manufacturer?

The basic men’s and women’s T-shirts (ID6 & ID631) are among Spreadshop’s most popular products. Since we were experiencing delivery bottlenecks with the previous manufacturer B&C and the choice of colours was relatively limited, we decided to go with Gildan from now on. You’ll enjoy a lovely color selection and lasting stocks.

What will change in my Shop assortment?

Not much – the product IDs, size and selection of previous colors will roughly remain the same. Some colors may differ slightly, and we may adjust the product images if necessary. The slightly lighter or darker shades won’t influence the print quality.

And you can look forward to even more colours – the new manufacturer will offer you a wider choice. For example with the color coral for the Men’s Shirt.

Quality fabric

ID 6 Men‘s / ID 631 Women’s T-Shirt

  • High-quality fashioning: double seams on the hems
  • Round neck and shortened sleeves
  • Soft fabric quality: 153 g/m² (white: 144 g/m²)
  • Material: 100% cotton (mottled grey: 90% cotton, 10% polyester)

Print & price

The price and the print area of the shirts remain the same. Pricing varies for theUK and IE/EU.

Color availability

  • Black, white and red will be the same color nuances
  • Diva blue, ruby red and khaki green can’t be replaced one by one. Once stocks will be depleted, we’ll introduce 3 new colors from Gildan: turquoise, dark pink and military green
  • All other colors can be replaced. Slightly brighter or darker nuances will be reflected in the product images

Do you have any questions about the changes? Leave a comment or visit our forum.

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1 year ago

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