New: Baby Cap Replacement (Europe)

New: Baby Cap Replacement (Europe)

Our Baby Cap just got an update. Check out the changes and similarities of our most recent product replacement.

We’re all about reliability, to make sure we keep the products your customers love in stock we’ve switched suppliers for the Baby Cap!

The notable changes for this new style are mostly regarding color. Read up on which colors will be changing,  so you can make sure they match up with your Shop. Also, keep an eye out for new color additions which will follow in the next few months.

If you’ve already added the Baby Cap to your Shop, the product switch will happen automatically. If you don’t have it in your Shop yet, check it out and add it now.

Baby Cap (ID 817)

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Available size: Unisize
  • Color updates:
    • White: Stays the same
    • Sky: Slightly different shade
    • Light pink: Replaced with a slightly different pink
    • Turquoise: Will no longer be available

Print & price

  • Print area (stays the same): 11 x 11 cm, front and back
  • Print type: Digital Direct (DD), Accepted file types: Vector and Pixel graphics
  • Pricing varies for the UK and IE/EU.

Any questions about our Baby Cap update? Let us know here in the comments!

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