Podcasts & Spreadshop: How Jasmin Volck Manifests Merch

Podcasts & Spreadshop: How Jasmin Volck Manifests Merch

We talked to Jasmin Volck aka A’hana about her podcast, her Spreadshop and her merchandise.

Hi Jasmin, your podcast is about ‘Magically Manifesting.’ Why do you sell T-shirts?

Actually, I am much more than just a podcaster. The podcast is one of the many tools I use to reach people who, like me, are desperate for tips on how to make wishes come true. With the MAGICALLY MANIFESTED METHOD many things become clear that were previously in the shadows. And when we understand and internalize something, we can apply it in a completely different way. I talk about this not only in podcasts, but also on YouTube, my blog and social media.

Why do I sell T-shirts? Because the T-shirts help women in my community to manifest. Each shirt changes the energy of the wearer. Manifesting becomes so much easier because the shirts make us vibrate with the energy of our desires.

THEREFORE, I sell T-shirts. And because I have been dumbly and clumsily looking for cool designs for myself.

All right, we’re happy that you were able to manifest yourself here with us. What made you decide to open a Spreadshop?

Funnily enough, it was actually the desire to wear cool black T-shirts with a spiritual message. I had ordered one of those “I’m mostly love, peace and happiness…” shirts shortly before. And then I searched for similar shirts, but for some reason the perfect one wasn’t there. Too colorful. Too cheerful. Too insincere and mainstream. Then I stumbled across the Spreadshop of a friend. I realized that I could also create my own designs for a super fair price. I immediately thought of the girls from my community – gee, that would be something! So, without further ado I developed my own Shop, with my own powerful, magical designs.

How was it opening a Shop? Did you, for example, start special promotions or anything?

To be honest, there was no time for great promos. It was really a quick decision. A spontaneous inspiration that I whipped up in a few hours. Of course, I advertised my Shop with a coupon – the women in my community were unbelievably happy about that. And I was happy about it too. I think I had a really nice start with my Spreadshop.

And do you know what the best thing is? I teach mediality and manifestation online, usually via Zoom. That means we “meet” online in digital seminar rooms – and we can not only hear each other, but also see each other. I simply LOVE it when “my ladies” are wearing their shirts and we’re all sitting in front of the computer matching and discussing important topics. Some people sip on drinks in their cups from my store – nothing could be cooler!

We can totally see that! Merch creates a wonderful connection to customers and fans in the digital world. How did you integrate your Shop into your website?

Oh, that’s funny – because it was so incredibly easy. My website is a WordPress page. All I had to do was install a plugin and connect it. The thing is: I work completely online. I sit at  home in my tiny “office” at my beautiful, huge walnut desk and create online content for my community. And how this actually works out is a running gag among us women.

Basically, I always have problems when I try out something new. And even though I’ve given hundreds of web seminars and online workshops – when it comes to technology, I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing. But somehow I still muddle through it every time. And it was the same with the integration on my website.

What was tricky here: That it was surprisingly easy! Normally I meet resistance with something like that. Things that can be done in 3-5 minutes keep me busy all day long (unfortunately, no joke. It’s really true). With my Spreadshop it was different. Therefore, my message to every woman and every man: If I can do it, you can do it. Open your own Shop – your community will be happy!

Do you also advertise your Shop in your podcast or on YouTube?

To be honest: Currently not as much as I should – that became clear to me when I answered your questions earlier. Because the shirts really make life better for women in my community. The designs will soon be featured on my Insta profile, they’re already posted in my stories.

We’re happy that our questions are giving you new ideas. Do you wear your own merchandise?

Of course I do! After all, I created the designs with the intention to be able to wear cool shirts according to my personal taste.

How important is your community for you as an online coach? And do you have tips for podcasters who want to sell their own merchandise?

In my community I often hear enthusiastic comments about the free content I provide as an online coach. My last free workshop lasted for five days and each session lasted about two hours. It wasn’t planned that way, but we opened up quite a few topics. I am always very happy when I really make a difference in the women who participate in my workshops.

The people you reach AND touch will know you, like you and trust you (also called the “KNOW – LIKE – TRUST” factor in marketing-talk). And some of these people will buy something from you. Your shirts, as well as other things you offer. So your goal should not be to sell anything to anyone.

Your goal should be to make the world a better place in your own personal way and to help people be happy. Your stuff then sells itself – or just about does, because you should, of course, also mention that you have something to sell.

That’s awesome that you community can be the basis for your Shop! Your product selection and available colors have their own style. How do you choose the products you offer?

I choose the products according to my own taste. Would I buy this? Could I need that? Does that make sense? AND: Does it come in black? These are the questions I ask myself when choosing my products.

I personally like to wear black on top, but of course there are other colors available in my Shop. However, the designs are made with a black background in mind. Again, the principle of resonance applies here: I create according to my authentic taste – the women who resonate with me are often so similar to me in their nature that they’ll like it too. This is probably the simplest and most authentic form of marketing. The best thing about it: We don’t have to compromise ourselves for it, but can be who we really are.

Thanks for the authentic interview and sharing your experiences, Jasmin! You can find Jasmin Volck’s Spreadshop here.

Are you a podcaster and want to know more about merchandise with Spreadshop? Then write us at: business@spreadshop.com.

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