Shop of the Month: AstronoGeek

Shop of the Month: AstronoGeek

Passionate about photography, astronomy and education, Arnaud launched his YouTube channel in 2013. Since then, his channel AstronoGeek has become very successful!

Arnaud began his YouTube career in 2013 with his channel the Studio de Poche. After pursuing photography, he created AstronoGeek in 2015, a channel that explores astronomy and ufology (the study of UFOs). Approved by the French Ministry of Culture, his channel debunks the craziest astronomical theories. Read on to learn about Arnaud’s Spreadshop, career and videos!

Hello earthling! We’ve learned from many very credible sources (thanks, Wikipedia) that you’ve studied history, science and education. You were also a photographer! What brought you to the light side of astronomy and ufology?

You could say that I was let down by the public school system. I started to tell myself I was using all of my energy for little to no result. One day, a boy explained to me that he wasn’t going to work in class, he preferred to deal shit with his big brother. I explained to him that he was risking jail time: he was practically asking for it, because it gives you a higher rank. What do you to say to that? So, I decided to work for the only person who would be fully grateful: me.

Sure, it’s difficult to find the right words for something like that. Tell us about your YouTube channel, AstronoGeek. Did you create it after seeing Interstellar, meeting flat earthers or because of your passion for teaching?

I wanted to get back on the path of teaching and combine it with my passion for the stars. I love teaching, hence my time teaching at public schools. Since 2013, I’ve had a YouTube channel of photo tutorials. I wanted to broaden my audience.

Regarding AstronoGeek, you say you want to popularize astronomy. What do you expect from your channel and your subscribers? That fans of all kinds of extraterrestrial conspiracy theories recognize the laws of science?

I’ve shaken up a lot of people with my videos. It’s always nice to receive messages from deconverts. But don’t get too excited; most people are not looking for the truth, they’re looking for what suits or reassures them. They’re not receptive to my videos, nor those of my colleagues.

Basically, what I like to do is entertain: “Make yourself comfortable and let me tell you an exciting story for the next 20 minutes.”

You’re also skeptical. Questioning the roundness of the earth, for example, isn’t that what skepticism is all about? Can we doubt everything?

Yes, absolutely. But it’s all a question of method. For example, accepting a rumor as a truth, or verifying an informational source does not yield the same results. Again, it all depends on whether you’re trying to find out the truth, or whether you’re trying to confirm what you  already believe.

You debunk certain theories and explain phenomena, what kind of video makes you the most excited? Where does the subject of your creations come from? From your followers, your astrophysicist friends, from your chance encounters at the esoteric bar?

From everywhere. There are no rules. But many subjects are suggested to me by viewers. And to answer what I like the most… well, if I tackle a subject, it’s because I like it. Some big subjects, such as the giant N1 rocket, the Nazi V2s, the Russian space dogs or the Soviet lunar tank I particularly liked.

You must often receive cruel criticism under your videos. How do you deal with it?

I’m so sick of it, that I don’t give a damn. I’m only interested in constructive criticism. As for rage, as the Tuaregs say, the dogs bark, the caravan goes by. And as the Americans say, any way the wind blows.

What projects, encounters, partnerships have you enjoyed the most so far?

Without hesitation, the weightless flight with the CNES!!! After that, I admit, making a crop circle was a lot of fun… so much so that I have other projects of that kind, for when Covid is over…

Can’t wait to watch your next videos! But tell us, how did you end up at Spreadshop? Are our competitors too illuminated for your taste?

Spreadshirt delivers, fast, quality stuff. I tried some products from the competition, but the quality wasn’t as high. Not to mention the delivery times. I’ve been at Spreadshirt since Studio de Poche, and I think I’ll be here for a while longer.

By the way, who are your followers? Some crazy people with a madness for science?

95% are men, according to YouTube stats. But the youngest are in elementary school, and the oldest are in retirement homes. My channel is not at all for purists or specialists: it’s indelicate. You just have to be curious.

How do you find your audience and your buyers?

I’m happy to offer it. If people are interested, that’s even better. If they’re not, too bad. It’s the small number of buyers that allows me to finance my channel and make a living, and make sure that all this content is completely free for everyone else. I like this business model, because it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

And do you advertise your products on Facebook and other networks?

Nah, I’m only really active on YouTube.

You’ve been using YouTube merch shelf recently. How did your followers react to the product selection under your videos? Did they criticize you for wanting to make more money?

T-shirts have always been popular on my channel. There’s always a angry person or two to call me a sandwich man, but… see my answer above on my procreative organs ^^

Would you recommend YouTube merch shelf to all YouTubers? If so, why?

Because every job deserves a paycheck, and on YouTube we don’t have one. So, what if some fans are interested in T-shirts with the channel’s logo on them, why deprive them?

What’s your favorite sci-fi movie? Do you like Alien the 8th Passenger, X-Files or E.T.?

Mmmmmh…. Yeah, Alien it is. Interstellar is pretty cool too. But in real life, I’m more of a video game guy. And my last mega-slap with the flat of my hand is Red Dead Redemption II.

Coffee or tea?

Tea. Black please, with a cloud of English milk.

Wait a minute, we’ll send you one right away! Find AstronoGeek on YouTube, but also on Facebook, Spreadshop, Instagram and his website.

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