New Cookie Banner for Your Spreadshop

New Cookie Banner for Your Spreadshop

From January 20th onwards there will be a new cookie banner for your Shop. This will make it easier for your visitors to select the appropriate privacy options.

We’ve made choosing the different privacy options easier for your Shop visitors. A slightly adapted and improved cookie banner makes it possible.

How this impacts my Shop

The cookie banner is automatically displayed as a pop-up. Each Shop visitor can individually choose the privacy options that suits them. You won’t need to do anything! As soon as your users have given their one-click consent, the pop-up banner will disappear.

Regardless of the color settings in your Shop, the “Agree” button will always be displayed in black to ensure barrier-free accessibility. Due to a bigger number of options in the selection section of the privacy options, the cookie banner will take up a large part of the screen. This is true for smartphone views in particular. We will closely monitor whether and to what extent it impacts purchasing behavior.

My Shop is tied in with my website – what do I have to consider?

The Spreadshop cookie banner only applies to data processing in your Shop. It will also be displayed if you have integrated your Spreadshop into a website. If your Spreadshop runs on your website, which further aggregates data or uses technologies, you may have to obtain additional consent from website users. Unfortunately, the Spreadshop banner cannot be customized, and we are not allowed to offer legal advice on data protection for your website.

Lastly, please note that the adapted cookie banner won’t show in .com shops.

Do you have any questions about the new cookie banner? Then leave us a comment.

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