Upcoming Promos for February—May 2021

Upcoming Promos for February—May 2021

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your promos! Use the promos we’re offering between February and May 2021 to grow your Shop and excite your customers.

Put the pro in promo

You surely like promotions just as much as the next person, they save your customers money! Plus, promos draw attention to your Shop and your products. Between February and May, we have nine promos to help you capture the attention of customers. As always promos are completely optional, if you choose to run a promo you can adjust the start date by up to 30 days before or after the listed dates. To plan your promos, go to Shop Settings > Prices & Promotions > Promotions.

Upcoming promos for spring 2021

  • February 4th-7th: 20% off everything
  • February 17th-21st: 15% off everything
  • March 3rd-7th: 15% off everything
  • March 17th-21st: Free shipping
  • March 26th-29th: 20% of everything
  • April 14th-18th: 15% off everything
  • April 29th-May 3rd: 15% off everything
  • May 13th-16th: Free shipping
  • May 25th-28th: 20% off everything

After Christmas, there’s Valentine’s Day

We hope that along with the end of year festivities you haven’t forgotten our advice on how to plan your promos. There’s also the possibility to create custom promo material for your Shop or social media directly in the Partner Area. As Valentine’s Day approaches, get prepared and start planning your promos now!

We hope you have happy promo days ahead!

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