What Does Brexit Mean For You?

What Does Brexit Mean For You?

If you’re wondering if Brexit will impact your Spreadshop, you’ve come to the right place.

Is my Shop ready for Brexit?

Brexit has no impact on your Spreadshop and the way you sell your products. Even if you live in and are registered in the UK, only one detail will change, and we’ve already taken care of that. Your tax domicile is now no longer within, but outside of the EU. With this change, your Spreadshop is Brexit compatible and you don’t have to do anything else. You can view the details of your tax assessment at any time in your account under “Tax Status”.

Does Brexit change anything for the customers of my Spreadshop?

Regardless if you’re from the UK or anywhere else in the world, it doesn’t impact where the customers of your Shop place an order from – Brexit or not. We’ve taken all possible precautions to ensure that British private customers of your Shop don’t notice any difference. This means that we will continue to show the British VAT on invoices and that everything stays the same in terms of customs duties until further notice. Currently, you don’t have to do anything. We’re well prepared for Brexit and there are currently no restrictions. To ensure that this remains the case, we are monitoring the situation very closely so that we can make any necessary adjustments in due time.

Do you have further questions about Brexit or about selling and shipping your Spreadshop items to the UK? Leave us a comment below!

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