Shop of the Moment: Black Royal Wear

How did Black Royal Wear, a 30-year family business evolve into a line of streetwear that helps to inspire a whole new generation of Kings & Queens? Watch the full interview with Martello, Marty & King Carlin right here to find out in our first “Shop of the Moment”:

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From the interview: Co-Founder Martello Pollock describes his moment of inspriation that became a family business.
Co-Founder of Black Royal Wear
“It all started with an idea. My friends and I were playing cards, and suddenly something came to me and said “What if these kings and queens were black?” I couldn’t concentrate on cards anymore that night. I came home, put together a goal sheet, and then I actually went out and did it.”
“I didn’t know how to find someone to make black playing cards. I was just going to different art stores and asking around. I finally found someone that could do it. He didn’t know much about cards, but I gave him a deck and told him what I wanted to do.”
“I commissioned the artist to do the artwork. I got the copyright and the rights signed over to me so that I could do what I wanted with the images. “When I would start playing with these cards, you know, people would be like jaw-dropping when they saw them. We couldn’t even play the first hand of cards. I’d deal the cards out, and people just couldn’t stop looking at them. They’re so different. They’d say “WHAT? What is this? That’s what I knew we had something pretty good. We actually developed a whole series of different playing cards…”

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