Shop of the Moment: Minerva Thirteen

To say Minerva Thirteen has an eye for style would be an understatement. She’s made a seamless transition from making coveted one of a kind jewelry to creating some of the most appealing apparel designs to ever hit Spreadshop. Check out the full interview to hear the story from Stephanie herself, and get to know what makes her shop so special.

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Are you ready for your moment?

From the interview: Founder Stephanie describes her inspiration for the brands name. 

Ready to launch your own clothing line?

Spreadshop is always free to use. Like Stephanie said in the full interview, the only regret you’ll have is not trying. Just upload your designs, create your products and we’ll handle the rest. Your moment begins here.


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Shrawan kumar
Shrawan kumar
3 years ago

Plz guide my products and all t-shirts fast sells. I am poor

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