Hot Off the Press: Our Newest Production Facility

Hot Off the Press: Our Newest Production Facility

After months of planning and preparation, the time came to move into our newest production facility in Legnica, Poland. So, on March 22nd, we packed our bags and moved! Because of this, in the future we’ll be able to warehouse and print more products than ever before.

Take a look at the production facility and look forward to a growing Spreadshop assortment!

Why we love the new production facility

In addition to being a bigger and better version of our previous facility in Poland; our new facility doubles as a central warehouse, too! It will now be used to store products for both Poland and our facility in the Czech Republic. Currently, we have around 4,500 SKUs (stock keeping units = product types) in stock. At the new location, however, we can double or even triple the number of available product types. We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished with our Polish co-workers in Legnica.

“Our colleagues worked a whole weekend to move all the machines and products to the new production facility. Anyone who has moved before knows what a challenge that can be. We are all the more pleased that we were able to move over 4,500 product types and numerous machines in just two shifts (also with virtual support from the headquarters in Leipzig, Germany) and many hardworking hands. An incredible achievement!”

– Chief Customer Delivery Officer, Hanne Dinkel

More space, more products, new printing tech

The new location is now home to two Kornit Atlas printers, which are environmentally friendly and print faster. We’re planning to purchase more printers of this type to reduce delivery times for your customers.

With more space, we can store more products and install more eco-friendly printers. Plus, we’ll also be able to add new printing techniques in the future. But more on that soon…

How do you like the new production facility? What new Spreadshop products are you looking forward to? Leave a comment!

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2 years ago

Wonderful news! I’m sure they’ll doing a good job.

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