The Gamer’s Guide to Selling Merch in 2021

The Gamers Guide to Selling Merch

The gaming community is thriving at the moment. From competitive e-sport leagues to Twitch, there are many different ways for the gaming community to connect. If you are involved in creating content in the gaming industry and/or you have a good following, one of the best things you can do is create merchandise for your brand. This is something that we make easy on Spreadshop. You can get your own store up and running so that you can sell gaming merch in no time with this Gamer’s Guide to Selling Merch!

Diversify Your Gaming Income

Diversify your gaming income with merchandise

Selling custom gamer’s merch is one of the best ways to add another income stream to your gaming activities. Whether you are a professional gamer or you produce content for the gaming industry, you will know just how important it is to keep pushing your brand. Having a large following is of the utmost importance, and gaming merchandise can play a significant role in this.

Perhaps you have a logo already? Maybe there is a slogan that you are known for using or crafting? These are all of the sorts of things that you can have woven into your gaming T-shirt designs. It is all about building that all-important brand image! If it resonates with people, they will want to buy your merch. Then, this has a bit of a snowball impact. After all, today’s gamers love sharing photographs and videos on social media and the gaming platforms they use. Every time someone shares a photograph wearing your merchandise, they are basically advertising your brand and your gaming merch to others.

This gets the word out about your business and helps to solidify your brand. Plus, it means that the person in question is going to be showcasing your merchandise to others. The great thing is that most gamers and going to have lots of other gamers as their followers, right? So, this means that your gaming merch is going to be put in front of all of the right people, increasing your chances of making even more sales in the future.

Take Your Brand to New Heights

Take your brand to new heights

There is no denying that gaming is a very competitive field to be involved in at the moment. More and more people are entering the gaming sphere all of the time. This is exciting, but it also makes it difficult to distinguish yourself from the crowd. This is where quality, custom gaming merch comes in.

With vibrant colors, exciting designs, and endless possibilities, Spreadhop makes it possible for you to create merchandise that really enables your personal gaming brand to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that every time you go live, you are spotted in your own merchandise so that you can keep strengthening your gaming brand.

Run Competitions

Run competitions on Twitch and social media

If you are looking for ways to make money on Twitch and via any other social media platform you may use for your gaming content, be it Twitter, Instagram, or something else, running a competition with your merchandise is a great idea. When you create fresh merchandise, one of the best things that you can do is run a competition to get the word out and to further build your following. People love free things, after all, right?

So, how do you go about it? Well, it is really easy, but highly effective. All you need to do is put out a post that states the winner will get a free gaming T-shirt if they follow the rules of the post. The rules of the post should include something along the likes of following your account, sharing the post, and liking it. One tool that works well is saying that the individual will get an extra entry for every person they tag in the post. When this happens, the person will tag as many of their friends as possible so that they can get more entries, and therefore, your post (and consequently your merchandise) will get much more exposure in the process making it easier to sell gamer’s merch.

Collaborate With Other Gamers

Collaborate with other gamers

Another great thing about creating your own merchandise is that you will be able to collaborate with other gamers. On Spreadshop, you have the ability to create and sell as many products as you want. There are no limits. This gives you a great opportunity to collaborate with other gamers for your mutual benefit. One of the best things about the gaming community is that it is incredibly friendly and it is all about interacting with others and enjoying the fun of gaming. After all, games are best enjoyed together, right? Well, you can take this approach to your merchandise strategy.

Thoughtful collaborations can make a massive difference. If there is another gamer you collaborate with a lot on content, why not create a merchandise range together? You will be able to combine both fan bases so that you have the best possible outcome when it comes to the success and popularity of your range. Plus, you will be able to both promote the merchandise and run different competitions and promotions so that you can boost the effectiveness of the campaign.


Set up your merch store with Spreadshop today

If you want to start selling gaming merchandise, Spreadshop has got you covered. It is the perfect partnership. You create the merchandise that resonates with your gaming following, and we will produce the products for you. It really is that simple. You will also benefit from a fully-branded store, as well as the ability to set your own prices. Add as many products as you want as well, ensuring that you continue to grow your merchandise collection. You can check out our gamer’s selling section for more information about how we can help you sell gaming merch in 2021.


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