Merch Items for Your Work From Home Routine

Mech Items for Your Work From Home Routine

Our day-to-day lives have changed radically in the past year. Commutes to the office are practically a thing of the past as many work from home, or try to at least. The line between work and home has been blurred, and it can be difficult to find inspiration when everyday feels like Groundhog Day. That’s where Spreadshop comes in – to provide you with merch for every part of your daily routine!

You should be surrounded by things you love to help get you through the day; whether that’s a water bottle with a funny video game reference, or a sticker on a notebook that makes jotting down meeting notes less of a struggle. Follow along to see how your day can be made better (and more creative) thanks to Spreadshop.

Rise and Shine

6:30 A.M. – Rise and Shine!

Unless you’re a morning person (I’m not), you dread that early wake up call. You pry yourself out from under the covers and go to the kitchen to brew a fresh cup of coffee to bring you back from the dead. But don’t go for some boring, basic mug when pouring your caffeinated beverage – pick something that’s going to inspire you to kick butt throughout the work day!

You want inspiration? Well, put it out there with a mug that just says it, like “Don’t quit.” Ryan Puusaari’s shop is all about breaking the stigma of mental illness. His motto is that people shouldn’t feel weak because of their mental illness, they should feel like warriors because they are here and still fighting. And with every ounce of caffeine you consume, you’re bound to feel more powerful and recharged.

But if motivational quotes aren’t your thing, have something you’re passionate about when you’re off the clock sitting at your desk. If you love being on Twitch and interacting with your favorite streamers, say it loud and proud with a colorful and fun mug, like this one from StephenKil. It will give you motivation to get through the day so you can hop on Twitch at the end of it.

Same goes for whatever else you’re into. Remind yourself why you get up in the morning, and what you do in your free time that inspires you while working from home.

Time to Get to Work

8:00 A.M. – Time to Get to Work

Everyone has their own work from home setup, whether it’s a makeshift one at the kitchen table, or a designated room with a suitable desk and chair if you’re one of the lucky ones. No matter the setup, you still have the same thing: a computer. If it’s your own, you have more leeway with personalization – I wouldn’t recommend slapping stickers on a company laptop.

People you work with won’t see these items, but they can be fun little things to glance at when you get tired of staring at a screen.

Put a reminder of something you’ve been working towards. Planning to take on the outdoors and explore parks and trails? Slap a sticker that reminds you of the hiking challenge you’ve spent months preparing for, like this one from Outside Chronicles does.

Spreadshop even has you covered with computer accessories.

Not every shop might choose to carry them, but mouse pads are a fun way to make your at-home office feel more like you. You can go big and bold depending on the design, or favor something clean and simplistic. First Chapter Fun – an online book that reads the first chapter of a new book every week –  has you covered if you prefer the latter in your workspace.

Interact With Humans

11 A.M. – Interact With Humans

For what is likely to be your first face-to-face human interaction of the day if you live alone, video meetings are a great way to not only catch up with colleagues, but fill them with envy over the merch you’re wearing.

Wear a shirt that you design. It’s quick and easy to make your own Spreadshop and upload your designs to a variety of shirts and products. Watch our 10-minute how-to video for everything you need to know about making and selling your own custom merchandise.

Your coworkers might be like, “Hey, where’d you get that shirt?” And you can simply tell them, “It’s from my Spreadshop.” It’s free advertisement for you, especially if you’re on video meetings alot and interact with new people on a daily basis.

If you don’t want to make your own merch, there are plenty of shops selling different kinds of shirts that are great to wear to virtual meetings.

A lot of bands and recording artists use Spreadshop as their official merchandise site.

Snuggle up in a hoodie with the logo of your favorite band on it. This one from The Low Kings – Pittsburgh’s premier Celtic rock band – allows you to show some love for a local and particular niche kind of music in a variety of colors.

If you want to get to the heart of your coworkers and make them laugh, find things that speak to their sense of humor. People love to use Spreadshop as a way to put inside jokes or funny references on merch.

If you work at a law firm, you can’t get any better than this t-shirt that has Leroy Brown – America’s favorite dog attorney – on it. I nearly lost it when I saw it the first time.

If you can think of it, there’s likely already a Spreadshop for it – or one that you can make – that has your next video call outfit ready to wear.

Take a Walk

1 P.M. – Take a Walk

After getting some lunch, it might be good to go outside to stretch your legs and clear your head.

In a study done at the University of British Columbia, researchers found that just 30 minutes spent outdoors resulted in a 45% increase in productivity.

Any sort of environment will work. Walk around your neighborhood, drive down to the park. Just make sure to bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Our stainless steel water bottles are insulated and guaranteed to keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They feature sleek designs, like this one from Aspire. This shop also supports a good cause by raising funds and awareness to PANS, PANDAS, and immune-related encephalopathies.

If you have a furry friend that you want to take with you, make sure they’re decked to the nines in merch, too.

Dog bandanas are a fun accessory – if you can manage to get it on them. Dress your dog to match you if sellers are selling designs on both items, or just straight up brag about how great your dog is. I found this bandana from Schnauzers 4 Life that’s perfect if you have a little Schnauzer in your life.

Dinner Time

6 P.M. – Dinner Time

If you’re a procrastinator, you’ll have to run to the grocery store at the last minute to get something for dinner. Avoid using plastic or paper bags by bringing a reusable tote with you.

Hey Jessica sells bright, graphic merch that is sure to make a statement in whatever aisle you’re in. Coordinate the colors with other merch you have (t-shirt, hoodie, mask) for a cohesive look.

And don’t think we don’t have merch for the dinner table, too.

When you’re moving around the kitchen, working with all kinds of ingredients – accidents are bound to happen. Avoid spills on other merch you’re wearing with the help of a decked out apron.

The designs on them don’t have to be food exclusive, even though there’s plenty of food themed Spreadshops out there. It can be something as random as cryptocurrency on an apron from a shop like FEG. Their whole thing is showing love for the FEG (Feed Every Gorilla) token.

Again, you can get as specific as possible with your merch, on whatever items you want.


9 P.M. – Unwind

After slaving away at the stove and sitting in front of a computer all day working from home, it’s time to relax and recharge before you do it all over again tomorrow.

Like I said before, whatever your interest – there’s merch for it.

If you’re reading a book that was recommended by First Chapter Fun – the same shop featured on the mouse pad mentioned before – why not cuddle up with a themed throw pillow? It’s a great photo-op for Instagram and you can tag them to let your followers know about them and help to grow their business.

If you like to unwind with videogames, accessorize in style by repping your favorite Twitch personality. Streamer Hey Zaga has a wide range of phone cases and throw pillows for sale that are ideal for lounging and gaming. There’s no way you can’t find a design you like.

I hope Spreadshop made your work from home day more personal (and even more productive) because you were surrounded by all the things you love.

Want to make & sell your own work from home merch?

We don’t want to say we make it look easy… but it totally is! And it’s always free! Jump right in here.

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