Merch Items For Your Summer Wardrobe

Merch Items For Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer brings the return of many things. Seasonal scents like sunscreen and barbeque. Water sports and camping. A new summer wardrobe.

Spreadshop has a wide variety of summer-ready clothes and accessories that will spice up your time in the sun, or keep you cool in the shade. Look stylish for that road trip you’ve been planning, a day on the beach, or when you’re just lounging by the pool.

Everyone is bound to be jealous of your fresh fits, asking you where you got them.

Tell them about all the Spreadshop items you’re incorporating into your summer routine – tanks, water bottles, totes, hats – and how they can find merch for whatever they’re interested in, too.

While everyone is wearing similar trendy clothing, stand out and feel original knowing you’re getting the most out of your summer wardrobe.



Transition into your daily summer wardrobe with two summer staples: tanks and crop tops. And it looks like you’ll finally have some places to wear them, with businesses and venues opening up to more people every day.

In preparation for the return of live music, why not add some new band merch to your closet?

Spreadshop is the merch destination for independent artists across the country that range in genres from rap to electropop to heavy metal.

James Scott Bullard is a country singer/songwriter that lives and breathes americana. His merch features bold images of his likeness and more understated logo options.

His Rattlesnake Biker racerback tank looks like something straight out of Sons of Anarchy, perfect for rocking out in style. Or be cheeky with his Mom’s Love JSB tank. 

Spread the word about a small artist you love when you’re in a concert setting; you’ll make a friend and fellow fan in the process.

Crop Tops

But it wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t rock a crop top. They’re a great beach cover up option or for everyday wear. 

Minerva Thirteen has unique and edgy designs in their shop that work well with the style of shirt.

The shop is run by Stephanie, and was inspired by her handmade jewelry line of the same name. But you don’t necessarily need to be into jewelry to wear her merch.

There’s a universal edginess to her stuff that carries a real rock n roll rebel vibe. 

Her M13 Rad Cuts cropped t-shirt is a standout design of a dagger with a banner for the words Minerva 13. It feels similar in a way to some of the styles that are in James Scott Bullard’s shop.

Another cool cropped option she offers is her Forever Rad Dark Coven cropped t-shirt. The design has a long-fingered nailed hand doing the rock symbol, with some punk rock jewelry to match.



You gotta stay hydrated when you’re spending hours basking in the sun. Stay away from those single-use plastic bottles and use different reusable drinkware that fits whatever mood you’re in or the activity you’ve got going on that day.

Bring your water on-the-go with our reusable water bottles. They’re great to take to sports games or for when you’re doing other strenuous outdoor activities like hiking or bike riding.

They keep your drink cool and are a fun and unique merch item; no one’s expecting you to get so creative with something as forgotten as a water bottle. 

In Her Shop has a great line of simplistic and eye-catching water bottle and drink ware options. Their shop is all about empowering women wood artists and creating a sense of community. They create apparel and other gifts for women woodturners, woodworkers, and wood artists.

Get more retro with their 50s inspired cartoon sawdust graphic water bottle. It’s like The Jetsons with a woodworking twist.

Favor something more simplistic? In Her Shop’s Woodturning Makes Me Happy design is stylized without being too on-the-nose with the theme. 

These kinds of items are the perfect kind of thing to take to different wood related workshops, classes, or camps you might be going to if that’s your thing.

Even if you’re not into woodworking, there’s a way you can relate what you’re doing into your merch items.

Mason Jars

If you’re spending your day by the pool, you can’t get anymore perfect than our mason jar glasses. Perfect for the drink of your choice: homemade lemonade, iced coffee, a sweet summer cocktail.

This Half Full mason jar from Hey Jessica is a total mid-day mood. The reusable straw and screw cap make it ideal for mixed drinks and helps prevent unwanted spills.

Now you need a nice mug to wind down your evening with.

Getting together with your friends in a cabin in the woods for the weekend? Are they into the Canadian prog rock band Rush as much as you?

Shop from Rush Fans: an online fan community that pays tribute to all things Rush. And they’ve got quite the following. With just over 40 thousand followers on Instagram and a Youtube channel for roundtable discussions and conversations where fellow fans, these people are ride or die.

Their RF logo camper mug is a staple for late night hangs by the campfire. Roast some smores and listen to your favorite albums into the wee hours of the morning.



The tote bag is the quintessential summer wardrobe item

They’re a staple for entire days spent out in the sun and can fit practically anything: beach towels, sunscreen, bathing suits, snacks. The list is endless.

Spreadshop offers two tote bag options depending on the activities you have planned for the day. 

The standard tote bag is great for quick errands when you’re on vacation or when you just want to carry the essentials around. 

The eco-friendly cotton tote is the “big boy” option and is great for family trips when everyone has their own items – goggles, flip flops –  that need to be towed around.

Want to get out and experience some fresh mountain air? Carry your reusable water bottle and a granola bar or two in a cool tote, like this adventure-themed one from nature vlogger Michael Paul Wright. 

“Adventures and things” might as well be your summer mantra if you’re an avid outdoor explorer. Take it to heart and make it your goal to walk more trails and visit more national parks in your free time.

Bags and Totes

If lounging is more your thing, incorporate two of your interests in one with this tote from The Birth of Venus Tarot: seashells and tarot card reading. 

The pink lettering stands out against the black backdrop and is sure to strike up conversation on the beach. You might meet a fellow tarot card reader and connect over the reading process, striking up a conversation about your different signs and what else you have in common.

If you’re looking for something more heavy duty, our Canvas Backpack is a great option.

The backpack has a retro vibe with a trendy look. Made of durable cotton canvas, it’s perfect for carrying around all the essentials, especially for outdoor activities like hiking or when you’re camping.

My love for Rush runs deep so forgive me for mentioning Rush Fans again, but they’re canvas backpack really captures a whole vibe.

It reminds me of something you’d see at a summer camp in the 70s and captures the essence of the outdoors, while also reminding you of an event you might have been part of.

The canvas backpack is a summer wardrobe and all year staple, perfect for weekend getaways or professional use like school, or even as a daily work bag.



Hats are another great way to protect yourself from the sun with a style that suits you.

Our Snapback Baseball Cap is a classic hat option that works for whatever occasion: sporting events, a family get together, playing some golf. 

Swing Easy – Durango is a shop for a golf simulator lounge located in Durango, Colorado that offers interactive golfing experience all-year round.

This may be for a specific type of golfing in a specific place, but their logo and messaging feel universal to the golf experience. Their Swing Easy cap has a minimal golf-centric design that looks fresh and speaks to the sport.

I know my dad wouldn’t mind wearing something like it – and he’s on the golf course 2 to 3 times a week. 

If your style is more funky and quirky, then a bucket hat is what you need to be wearing this summer.

I know, I know, it might seem too much like “dad wear” but I say embrace it. They’re not for everyone but they’re an unexpected and fun fashion choice that’s definitely gonna draw some attention.

Great for those beach days when there’s not a cloud in sight and you just can’t seem to escape the beating rays of the sun. 

Wearing something like the Swing Easy bucket hat shows you’re an individual that loves to express themselves.

You might be able to get away with not wearing a bucket hat this summer, but you won’t be able to ignore all the summer wardrobe ready merch your favorite Spreadshop has to offer and how much it impacts your favorite summertime activities.

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Emma Stewart
Emma Stewart
2 months ago

During my summer travels in a rented car, I always choose a stylish and comfortable summer wardrobe. In particular, tops and crop tops have become my essential companions for beaches, gastronomic adventures, and everyday adventures. However, in addition to fashionable outfits, I always take reusable drinkware from them with me. It not only adds style but also helps me stay hydrated while traveling. I love traveling because it gives me great emotions, and the rental car I take on makes the trip comfortable and easy.

9 months ago

Such a nice post to read. I really like it and found very helpful. Thanks and keep sharing.

Pabitra Kumar Garanayak

so imazinable ,greatful,wonderful like this seasonand I will make good design .

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